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I am having some very frustrating issues trying to get my calendars on my iphone 4s now that I upgraded to mavericks and have to sync my calendars through icloud.


I use ical to get my outlook calendar from work onto my work computer.  I would itunes sync the calendar from my imac to my iphone because I didn't want work to have access to my personal phone because I like using my phone to tell me when and where my work appointments are.  Now I can't figure out how to get icloud to recognize my imac ical calendar and sync properly with my phone.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.3, imac with mavericks
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    It may be silly to reply to my own problem, but I dove down into the archives a little more and found out that this is not an easily solvable issue and that Apple is likely not going to go back to the way things were.  I am very sad.

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    The only halfway feasible solution is to use iCloud to sync between devices, then drag my new events from my OL Calendar to my iCal icon; likewise wiht Contacts - I just drag and rop them onto the Address Book app icon at the bottom of my screen. The Mac apps sync with iCloud almost immediately, and IU end up with all my events and my contacts on my iPhone.

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    And the additional problem is that once you give in and go iCloud, no rep will tell you there are iCloud limits on iCal's size, so that if you're calendar is say 10 years old, with 10 events per day, and there's a 25K event limit, it won't work, even if you buy all the storage in the world. Which means that's syncing is OVER.

    So far I've tried three calendar alts: Fantastical (rated one of the top iCal alts); Pocket Informant (allegedly capable of superpowers); and Calendars. Not a single one is able to do the one simple task of

    1) integrating an ical ics file,

    2) placing a calendar program on the desktop and the iPhone

    3) keeping them both in sync.

    And Google's cloud has even more restrictions than iCloud, and for frack's sake why can't I keep a calendar off the net?

    This is really getting to annoy me. Chelsea, a tech support supervisor, offered that if I pay $99/year I can become a developer and get the next beta iTunes which will allegedly offer local syncing. Great.