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Anyone having this problem? Trying to open a presentation in Keynote 6.0 (1473). Double clicking the file provides the opening animation but no window appears with the presentation. I have also had two kernel panics due to this new Keynote but for the most part it seemed to be getting along fine with old and new presentations. Time for a reboot....feel as if I am back in the 90s. You'd think I would have learned to tread carefully by now.

Mac Book Air (late 2010) with Apple 24" monitor

From console :

timestamp: 12:28:27.343 Tuesday 12 November 2013

          process/thread/queue: Keynote (1148) / 0x10b7f1000 / com.apple.NSXPCConnection.user.endpoint

          code: line 2940 of /SourceCache/ViewBridge/ViewBridge-46/NSRemoteView.m in __57-[NSRemoteView viewServiceMarshalProxy:withErrorHandler:]_block_invoke

          domain: communications-failure

Keynote 6.0, OS X Mavericks (10.9), MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini
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    I'm having the same problem.

    I updated all my stuff, including Keynote and... surprise: it didn't allow to open my presentation in the workshop.

    I don't expect surprises like this in the Apple world

    That's one of the reasons I left Microsoft forever

    Please help us to fix this bug

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    Happened with Numbers last week. Double click would not open file created a week before. Booted in safe mode and file opened but the scrolling through the spreadsheet was jerky and haphazard.

    Console message in safe mode was:

    12/12/2013 12:39:47.288 Numbers[293]: Could not find image named 'sf_tb_icon_view'.

    12/12/2013 12:39:47.671 Numbers[293]: Layout still needs update after calling -[TSKScrollView layout].  TSKScrollView or one of its superclasses may have overridden -layout without calling super. Or, something may have dirtied layout in the middle of updating it.  Both are programming errors in Cocoa Autolayout.  The former is pretty likely to arise if some pre-Cocoa Autolayout class had a method called layout, but it should be fixed.


    When I rebooted Numbers behaved normally. I have run Etrecheck, fixed permissions, run Onyx, checked the Console logs. Not sure what is going on. This morning Numbers, Pages, Text Edit, Preview and Keynote all ignoring double click to open, or Open recent. When I tried open with the Finder on a highlighted file for a pdf I got:

    The application "Preview" can't be opened -1712   [fortunately, Quicklook is still functioning]

    Any advice welcome. Time to reboot and do some more diagnostics.....a clean install looking more likely....pants.

    Here is the hardware information....

    Hardware Information:

              MacBook Air (11-inch, Late 2010)

              MacBook Air - model: MacBookAir3,1

              1 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores

              4 GB RAM


    Video Information:

              NVIDIA GeForce 320M - VRAM: 256 MB


    Audio Plug-ins:

              BluetoothAudioPlugIn: Version: 1.0

              AirPlay: Version: 1.9

              AppleAVBAudio: Version: 2.0.0

              iSightAudio: Version: 7.7.3


    System Software:

              OS X 10.9 (13A603) - Uptime: 0 days 2:5:36


    Disk Information:

              APPLE SSD TS128C disk0 : (121.33 GB)

                        EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB

                        Macintosh HD (disk0s2) /: 120.47 GB (21.57 GB free)

                        Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>: 650 MB