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I upgraded to Mavericks from Snow Leopard, but things were slow and also decided to add an SSD to my iMac and do a clean install of Mavericks.


All went well, but I forgot to export calendar. I found my calendars on time machine (an older backup) located in /users/username/library/calendars but when I grab this folder and copy it over to the same location on my new HDD and restart calendar, none of my new calendars appear.  These are all local calendars - no cloud syncing or any other cloud services. I see all the ICS entries in the folders.


After I copy all the old calendars over - the Hex/Alpha names - when i reopen calendar it creates new calendars in the folder for the default calendars but ignores the old ones i restored.


Any ideas?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    A few more things to add...


    iCloud is not setup, and I am not signed in


    If I create a new calendar with the same name as one of my old ones and try to copy the ICS files over, no events are seen. Or if I import an ICS file, I still can't find it in the calendar.

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    I found a work around... but unless someone has a better way, I am going to assume that the Mavericks calendar has some serious bugs...


    1. Create new calendar

    2. Make the new calendar the default

    3. drag and drop ical files from old calendar folder directly onto the calendar window


    It is not enough to just check the calendar you want to add events to, it must be made the default. I


    f you leave open the calendar preferences window, you will receive an error during an import that it can't read the calendar event... something wrong with it. At this point some ical events import, some don't - even after closing the preferences window. Only fix is to quit Calendar and reopen.


    Good news is you can re-import (drag and drop) the same ical event many times, and only get it to appear once.


    The key is changing the default calendar before doing the drag and drop so your events make it to the proper calendar.


    This really should be fixed... somehow it must be tied to the whole cloud thing - but I should be able to just copy over my calendar folder from my old machine.

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    2 steps forward, one back... no holidays showing up, even though the box is checked.... arghh.

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    Subscribing to the US holidays calendar did not work either... I had to download the ics file and drag and drop it... and then i only have US holidays through 2014.....


    Something is seriously corrupted with Calendar, and I have no idea where else to look. Any ideas?

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    There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions about iCal after Mavericks. It seems Apple made lots of changes and didn't tell anyone.

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    I don't expect any help, but another symptom is that the same subscribed calendar for holidays that works on other Mavericks machines doesn't populate on mine... no errors, just no display of the holidays. If I import the cal file it works, but then it only gives me 13 months....


    No suggestions from anyone?

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    That thread is specifically about restoring calendars from a backup when iCloud is in use (it will sync its own calendars and overwrite the backups because they are older). The OP has stated that he is not using iCloud. Hopefully he found a solution since last November.

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    That may be so, but it is still applicable even if you're not using iCloud. I had a similar issue to the OP and the thread I linked to was beneficial.

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    Interesting, because if there is no syncing process in operation and restored calendars are disappearing then something very odd is going on. Another Mavericks peculiarity, I wonder?

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    My problem wasn't a Mavericks peculiarity, but a me peculiarity. I was stupid enough to delete some calendar's from Calendar that I really didn't want to delete. That post showed me what files I needed to grab off time machine. Initially that didn't work so I then read further down and found that I needed to log out. I did that and my calendar's appeared.