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I know that this subject has been discussed before, but I need some clarification, as I do not wish to inadvertently delete any photos from my Library. I have set up (ticked), within iCloud Preferences for My Photo Stream, Automatic import to Event, Photos, Faces and Places, and Automatic upload to My Photo Stream. I have an iMac i5, 2 iPhones an iPad and iPad Mini. Photos on these devices are taking up too much space and need to be thinned, periodically. Am I correct in thinking that, as I have ticked Automatic Import to Events etc., that I cannot inadvertently delete photos from my devices and the iMac. The reason that I ask, is that every time, I go to delete from, say the Photostream, I get a message that this will be removed from all devices and cannot be recovered. My iMac is clearly my main library and I want to be sure that it is definitive and not affected by deletions from the devices, Can someone please confirm that my understanding is correct, or not, or advise me how I can ensure that I do not accidently delete any photos.

iPhone 5s, iOS 5.1