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Hi everyone,


I saw there are some other forum posts discussing a related problem, however all posts I found mention that they can either see the mouse on the black screen (and move it around), or that the laptop starts reacting again after a specific period of time (30 seconds or so).


WELL, my MBA doesn't do that. It happened already a couple of times (2 times this week only) that while working my laptop screen turns black. I hear it working (very quietly), but I can't see the mouse, nor does it wake up after a certain period of time. It just stays 'fake dead'. In order to use the laptop again, I need to restart the laptop (push power button and force shut down) and then restart it.


As far as I can remember this has only happened to me while I was running my laptop on battery and never when it was connected with the power cable.


Is anyone having a similar problem, or does anyone know a possible solution to this? It has started to get a little annoying as I lost several of my documents to this because I didn't save my document....


Many thanks in advance!

MacBook Air, iOS 7.0.3
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