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sogomier Level 1 Level 1

Hi everyone,


I saw there are some other forum posts discussing a related problem, however all posts I found mention that they can either see the mouse on the black screen (and move it around), or that the laptop starts reacting again after a specific period of time (30 seconds or so).


WELL, my MBA doesn't do that. It happened already a couple of times (2 times this week only) that while working my laptop screen turns black. I hear it working (very quietly), but I can't see the mouse, nor does it wake up after a certain period of time. It just stays 'fake dead'. In order to use the laptop again, I need to restart the laptop (push power button and force shut down) and then restart it.


As far as I can remember this has only happened to me while I was running my laptop on battery and never when it was connected with the power cable.


Is anyone having a similar problem, or does anyone know a possible solution to this? It has started to get a little annoying as I lost several of my documents to this because I didn't save my document....


Many thanks in advance!

MacBook Air, iOS 7.0.3
  • jamorse_99 Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  Brand new Macbook Air 13 inch.  The latest OX + updates.  Never installed any google product including chrome.  Black screen.  Couldn't get back.  Had to hold down power button for a while, then start it back up to fix.  Haven't gone to return it yet. 

  • sogomier Level 1 Level 1

    Seems like either we are the only ones or nobody cares enough to answer......


    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP WITH THIS? It's super frustrating and it happens to me at the moment almost every day!

  • sogomier Level 1 Level 1

    I have found multiple threads about the topic, we are not alone. There seems to be a but with the sleeping mode, someone explained it in the other thread:




    I just tested this a few more times (after setting a one-minute display turn-off). When the display turns off, it goes through three stages: 1. the screen dims, 2. the screen goes black, 3. the keyboard backlight turns off. Tapping the spacebar or swiping the trackpad anytime during stage 1 will reset the timer. Tapping the keyboard or swiping the trackpad during stage 2 will freeze the black screen with the keyboard lit up. Waiting until stage three to tap the spacebar will wake up the display and everything is fine.


    There is less than a one-second window between stages 2 and 3 while the screen is black but the keyboard is still fading that touching the input devices will hang the machine.



    It seems like a software bug which is not going to be fixed by reinstall or replacing the computer..... so I guess we have to wait for a software update on this and train ourselves to not touch the pad right after the screen goes black to avoid the "freeze"....

  • Donnutt Level 1 Level 1

    I have this problem but it happens more after it's been asleep for a while and try to power it back on. I open the lid, the screen lights up but says black, and the keyboard lights up. It stays this way until I manually power it off. It happens random times, sometimes 2-3 times in a day, sometimes I get a whole day without it happening. Anyone else had this problem?

  • michaelkech Level 1 Level 1

    So. Any plans to fix this problem? I have this problem too. Today it happened 3 times in a row. It is real problem because it happened during study session.

  • MDN64 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with a mid-2013 MacBook Air 13.3" and it's getting worse.


    Freezes and blacks out when in sleep mode, then wouldn't wake up rather than automatically reboot. It did this in front of a client.


    Tonight it froze completely and wouldn't switch on at all. After repeated attempts it eventually came back.


    Whenever it freezes, there's no response, no cursor, it's just dead.


    It behaved like this before and after upgrading to 10.9, so it's a hardware issue and is going back as it's only 15 weeks old.


    Not at all happy. Made me look like an idiot in front of my clients who all had a good chuckle about my expensive paper weight.


    I've got a 10 year old dinosaur of a Windows laptop by Compaq, there's a single line of LEDs failed on the screen, that's it.


    I expected far better for a top of the range laptop.

  • shyannlindy Level 1 Level 1

    Apple called this morning 12/13 and stated the engineers are aware of the sleep problem and to watch for a software update.  I asked, "So this is not hardware related?" and rep said it is expected to be fixed with a software update and since this is a known issue they will probably prioritize this.  I asked why it is happening to some mid 2013 macbook airs and not others, and he still said software should fix the problem. hmmmmmm.....


    They also said you may wish to make sure auto update is active:


    apple/system preferences/app store icon/check the box automatically check for updates (which is enabled by default)

  • MDN64 Level 1 Level 1

    I called Apple after a local independent retailer looked at mine.


    Here's what they changed:

    Logic board


    i/o borad

    Flex cable


    The technician also swapped the SSD with his own and the battery.


    After various attempts by him to find someone at Apple who could help, he found a nice young lady who called the technical section who had this to say:


    "Apple suggest 'bug' in 10.9 as cause of issue. Apple are looking in to the problem as they have multiple machines being returned with the same problem."


    So if you haven't taken yours in, please do so now.


    It's hitting Apple in the wallet, so now they're paying attention.


    The sad fact is that this issue goes back to 2011, my own 2012 version did it with my last company, so 10.9 is not the culprit so the next update won't change anything.


    There is a fundamental flaw with the MBA, so I have declared it unfit for purpose - it randomly shuts down and there is no fix - and asked for my money back.


    Apple are getting back to me on Monday.

  • Dr5baitso Level 1 Level 1

    I also had this issue with 10.8. Mine is in service at the moment. Logic board has been replaced, but the problem persists. They have now ordered a new I/O-board, but it seems unlikely it will do any good.


    A longer thread on the topic is here:

  • aleonnet Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Apple,

    What is the real solution?


    Macbook Air 11 inch MID 2013 + the latest OSX + all updates = Black Screen of Death





    Thank you.

  • MDN64 Level 1 Level 1

    There is no solution.


    Apple don't know what the issue is but are busy trying to prevent it being forced.


    Get a refund.


    If Apple ever manage to sort it out I'll buy another one but I'm not holding my breath and wouldn't be surprised if it takes years.


    Apple are lucky most workplaces use PCs or they'd be hung out to dry.


    Can you imagine the furore if a bank were using MBAs and started losing customer data through these crashes?


    As most are private individuals we don't carry any weight so Apple can ignore us and laugh all the way to the bank.


    Join the Fac ebook group, post reviews on Amazon, Ciao etc. and warn others who haven't landed themselves in trouble, yet.

  • Kret4en Level 1 Level 1

    oh i don't wanna say that word like apple changed after Steve but in this case it's gonna be true


    And i Also have such a problem

  • Sara_hu Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem and it is getting really annoying. My screen suddenly turns black and i would have to restart it. Happened a couple of times in class too. I just tried updating on my laptop and I hope that'll work. If not, then i would definitely take it to Apple!

  • themachead Level 3 Level 3

    Sara et al are you running 10.9x? if so you seem to be experiencing the "Mavericks wake from sleep issue". One workaround is to not try to wake immediately from sleep (whatever that means... I guess count to ten... or maybe 30 before touching the track pad, spacebar or key). 


    There is a rumor of a 10.9.2 update in beta.

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