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I use gmail as my main contacts manager, and I have a multiple phone numbers (for multiple countries that I frequent).


I label each number according to which country their for (e.g My 3UK number is labeled "3UK", my AT&T is labeled "ATT USA").


The problem arises when the iPhone overrides these labels whenever the respective sim cards are used.


When I use my 3UK sim card, the 3UK label gets overridden and labelled as "mobile". Then whenever I swap sims in the US, the ATT label gets overridden.


I really don't need the iPhone to be relabelling numbers for me.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
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    I'm not sure I understand where you are talking about your number at. Where are you labeling this and it is getting changed by a SIM swap? Are you referring to the name of the phone, or a label you are using in your own contact?

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    It's not just the sim swap.


    I'm referring to the custom label on a number in the "me" contact.


    I can edit the label and a day later it reverts back to "mobile" again. This happens over and over again.

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    What are you syncing your contacts with? I have not seen this type of behavior unless I make some changes in Outlook and sync. The custom labels don't seem to agree between the two. I can create a custom label in Outlook, and one in the iPhone and they will not agree. However, I have not created a custom label in the iPhone and have it change on its own without any intervention.

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    I'm syncing to Google Contacts.


    I'm guessing this is because the phone detects to current number that it's on (from the sim card) and labels this "mobile" on the "me" contact. Logical behaviour for maybe 90% of people who only have one number and don't swap sims, but highly annoying for frequent travellers.


    I can change the label on my iPhone, have it sync correctly but then have it revert back to "mobile" a day or two later.

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    Well, I cannot verify that behavior, as I do not use Google Contacts. Unfortunately, I do not do SIM swaps either, however I can say that when creating a contact, that the iPhone does not default to mobile, and I cannot recall that it did when I created my contact either.


    I understand your frustration, but some of this could be controlled by information in the SIM, plus any carrier profile that could be in the phone. I would also say that it could be something done with Google Contacts, and this change occurs after a sync and/or refresh via Google.


    You can provide feedback to Apple about your concerns. They do not provide answers from the feedback link, however they do read them. www.apple.com/feedback and click on the appropriate link.