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This started on saturday night (it's now tuesday) and I don't know what to do!


I took it into the store and they said they couldn't help, but advised me to do a factory reset, so I did and if anything, it made it worse.

The icons on the home screen keep shaking and jerking around, and when they stop shaking, my ipad goes black, then the apple logo appears, then it goes black again, and this continues for hours. (It's been doing that since sunday night)


At the apple store, they said they could send it off to be repaired for £250! I might as well buy a new tablet! Besides all that, I've only had my iPad 2 for two years, and after spending £400 on a brand new one, I expected it to last longer.


I'm really disappointed.

Please help?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.3, The 7.0.3 update only made it worse