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I upgraded to Maverick and now the most basic function in Keynote is not working right: copy and paste! This is specific to graphics.


When I select a graphic on one slide (originally pasted from a jpg file) it will not paste it onto another slide. All I get is an empty square with lines through it. I have to open Preview, create a new document from the clipboard, save the new document as a jpg, and then drag it onto the slide. This is not very efficient!


I have also discovered that SOME keynote presentations have NO GRAPHICS left in them. I can see the graphic in a thumbnail, but the actual slide just has a huge empty square with a question mark in it. I know that these graphics were all JPG files to begin with, and this has only happened with SOME presentations. Of course, with the one I want to use tonight!




Thanks so much.

Keynote, OS X Mavericks (10.9), Problems with Graphics
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    Try quitting Keynote and re-opening it. Then try copy/paste in the document as before. Sometimes this fixes it.

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    Quitting did not solve the problem. When I open the presentation, there are several notifications, 2 regarding fonts and one that tells me that all the graphics have been removed. ***?!! I did not remove any of these graphics! Keynote did this all by itself... it represents HOURS and HOURs of work to fix this.


    How did this happen, why, and how do I prevent it from happening to other presentations?