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During the "add printer" operation, an error  message comes up that says: "Can't install the software for the  Epson Artisan 1430 becuase it is not currently available from the Software Update server."

Is this Epson's problem, or Apple's? What should I do, please?

a bunch of them, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Hello rodemer,


    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing when trying to add your Epson Artisan 1430. 


    I looked at the printer list in "Printer and scanner software available for download" (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3669), and the Epson Artisan 1430 was listed as a compatible printer.  The article also includes some other useful information:


    Apple delivers third-party software for scanners and printers using Software Update. To set up your printer or scanner, just connect it to your Mac. If software is needed and available, OS X automatically downloads and installs it.

    This article is a comprehensive list of currently supported printer and scanner models and associated software provided by third-party vendors as of 14 November 2013.

    Important: Use Software Update before connecting a printer or scanner. This updates your Mac's database of the latest supported printer and scanner models. If you don't use Software Update before attempting to connect a new printer, you may not see available software when you connect your device.

    If you plan to use your printer wirelessly, you may want to connect it with a USB to initiate the software download before you set it up wirelessly. 


    If you are still unable download the software, I recommend these additional steps:

    Follow these steps until the issue is addressed:

    1. Make sure that the printer is powered on, has ink / toner, and that there are no alerts on the printer’s control panel. Note: If you cannot clear an alert on the printer's control panel, stop here and check the printer's documentation or contact the manufacturer for support.
    2. Ensure the printer is properly connected to a USB port on the Mac or AirPort base station / Time Capsule. If the printer is a network-capable printer, make sure that it is properly connected to your home network.
    3. Use Software Update to find and install the latest available updates. If an update is installed, see if the issue persists.
    4. Open the Print & Scan pane or Print & Fax (Snow Leopard) pane in System Preferences.
    5. Delete the affected printer, then add the printer again.
    If the issue persists, try these additional steps:
    1. Reset the printing system, then add the printer again.
    2. If the issue still persists, reset the printing system again.  Download and install your printer's drivers. Then, add the printer again.
    3. Contact the printer vendor or visit their website for further assistance.

    Additional Information

    Note: If your printer is wireless-capable, you should first add the printer to your network. Use the printer's control panel, or temporarily connect the printer to your Mac via USB.  For more details, see this article.


    You can find the full article here:

    Troubleshooting printer issues in OS X



    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.