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Does anybody else have problems with Audible books being cut off in mid-listening, and none of the solutions suggested comes even close to being applicable? It's my 5th time in a year. And I've had it. The interruptions and consequent time consuming attempts to find a solution, and once I do, again spending way too much time finding the place in the book, where I was so rudely interrupted have pushed my patience to the limit. I downloaded my books on different devices, and use my iPhone for calls and texting. Once it's time to get a new Smartphone I'll stay far, far away from any Apple product. I don't care to waste time to get my smartphone to do what it is supposed and offering to do. And I am really getting ****** of when I am driving in the middle of nowhere, listening to a good book and Apple decides that that would be a good time to put a stop to that. Mostly I wanted to get a response from Apple Support, and am not sure how I was channeled into an Apple Support Community (what a ridiculous term!). My problem is with Apple itself. But not for long anymore......

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