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My mac calendar used to sync with my iPhone 4 calendar.  Now I'm not even given the option on the summery section on itunes during syncing. Help!  I need my calendars to sync! I've recently downloaded Maverick...could this have anything to do with it?

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.3
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    Mac OS X

    Mavericks does not support syncing calendars via iTunes. You will have to switch to syncing with iCloud.

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    My iPhone has not been pushing the appointments I enter on it to the Calendar on my MacPro for some time. I changed my Apple ID recently and I'm suspicious that could have something to do with it. So, I went into my iPhone and made sure that my Apple ID in the iCloud setting had the current password.


    Then I launched the actual calendar app on the iPhone and when the calendar app is on, the word Calendars is at the bottom on the screen. I tapped on that and selected/activated ONLY the "Calendar" which appears under ON MY IPHONE. With only that calendar selected I could see appointmetns I'd entered on the calendar in the iPHone. None have been pushed to my MacPro. So, I then took all of those and maually entered them onto the MacPro's iCal app making sure they were on one of the calendars listed under iCloud.


    Once all of those were transferred, I went back to the iPhone, unchecked/deactivated the Calendar under ON MY iPHONE and activated all the calendars on the iPHone showing under ICLOUD.


    Then, I went to Settings >Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scrolled all the way down to CALENDARS. There is a setting for Default Calendar and I picked one of the iCloud calendars as my default iPhone Calendar. From now on, any appointment I enter on the iPhone should be on that calendar unless I manually pick another calendar at the time.


    I'm going to do my best to only make entries on one of the iCloud calendars as it appears those are the only calendars that synch.


    I did a test, and entered a new appintment on my Mac's calendar and it was pushed immediately to the iphone. I then made a new appintment on the iphone and it did not pop up immediately on iCal in the Mac Pro.  Instead of waiting to see how long it would take to get to the Mac's calendar, I just closed and re-opened iCal on the Mac. The new appintment (from the iPhone) was there as soon as I restarted iCal on the MacPro.


    Looks like my problem is solved.

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    A little later, I did do another test.


    Anything I enter on the iPhone on the iCloud calendar is posted to the iCal app on the MacPro pretty quickly. Like in under a minute. If I then delete it from the iCal app on the MacPro, it takes almost no time for the iPhone to also delete it.


    And vice versa. Entries onto iCal on the MacPro are sent immediately to the calendar on the iPhone. I then delete off the iPhone and the entry on the MacPro vanishes almost instanteously.


    Everything is working beautifully.