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After updating my iTunes to the latest version under Windows 8.1 Pro, iTunes in opening fine, but once I start trying to access the Store or my account or to run a diagnostic, iTunes shutts down and the windows message appears advising that a problem occurred on this program and same will be shutt down.

Has somebody faced same problem? Any solution for it?Thanks

iTunes, iOS 7.0.3
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    Have the same problem, have not found a solution yet.

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    Apple advised me to de-install and install iTunes again, did so, but problem persists.

    It's anoing that such a problem happens after yiu update an Apple version and over 1.5 Month's later, the problem has still not been solved!!!

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    Thanks for this post! I was going to do the same thing but now I might wait to see what else i can find out first. I have win8.1 but not pro version. Did you follow the recommended uninstall procedure each compnent in order? Wonder if I can install the previous version that worked. What a mess!!!

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    Richard, I found this on a post from gmsmax. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support and copy the file named QTMovieWin.dll. Then browse and paste that file into C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes. It was just that easy and it worked!!! Hope this helps!

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    bman 58, it did help, thank you. I battled this problem for over a month and your solution solved it. Previous recommendations (including two genius bar visits) to uninstall/reinstall iTunes lead to more problems, including iTunes failing to open with an error stating "iTunes cannot open 'itunes library.itl' because it was created with a more recent version of iTunes." Other forum posts to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash and Java got iTunes back to opening, but again crashing when trying to access the store. Copying the QTMovieWin.dll file put iTunes back to rights.