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I have a ton of CD's imported to iTunes on my PC in ALAC (lossless) format.  I also have converted my many vinyl albums to .wav files and have imported them into iTunes as well (actually made them mp3's first).  I decided to sign up with Match, thinking I probably wouldn't be losing any audio quality on the vinyl albums and maybe gaining some on the ones that had clicks and pops and were matched.  I expected that the ALAC versions of my CD's would go straight to the AppleTV and play wonderful sound through my home theater setup.  After being unimpressed with some of the sound and subsequently getting an education by reading Communities discussions, I now realize that the AppleTV streams from the cloud in AAC format to deliver audio to AppleTV, so it seems like I can't listen to CD quality through AppleTV if I am signed up for Match.  Question is - is there any way that I can deliver ALAC content to AppleTV when it's available and only download via Match when ALAC is not available?  I also have a NAS device that I could use if it'd help.

Apple TV, Windows 7