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My screen suddenly became too large (kittens playing on keyboard).  My top toolbar is stretched so that I can no longer see the items on the right (time, sound, etc. unless I scroll over).  The resolution appears stretched, even though I've chosen the highest resolution.  When I open Firefox or another application, that screen jumps around...it not longer is "anchored" to my top toolbar if that makes sense.  Does anyone have a solution?




Computer information below:


Model Name:    iMac
  Model Identifier:    iMac11,1
  Processor Name:    Intel Core i5
  Processor Speed:    2.66 GHz
  Number Of Processors:    1
  Total Number Of Cores:    4
  L2 Cache (per core):    256 KB
  L3 Cache:    8 MB
  Memory:    4 GB
  Processor Interconnect Speed:    4.8 GT/s
  Boot ROM Version:    IM111.0034.B02
  SMC Version (system):    1.54f36

iMac G5 17", Mac OS X (10.4.7)