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Scott Finlayson Level 1 (20 points)

I have been waiting silently to see if a fix would come on its own, but none yet. Ever since upgrading to Mavericks, does NOT sync my IMAP accounts correctly. I have gone so far as to remove and re-add the accounts numerous times... no change. The recent "update" that was supposed to address Gmail issues had no affect on my sync'ing issues either. As others have posted, I basically have to quit and re-launch mail for it to correctly show what is on the mail server. All of my iDevices are working just fine - I can read or move an email, and all my iDevices show it correctly... but when I return to my Mac - some show as unread - some messages that I moved or deleted are still THERE (unread), etc.


Once I quit and relaunch, the inbox displays correctly - but there is no way (that I can find) to force the inbox to "refresh" correctly while the app is open. "Getting new" messages does nothing to help. Has anyone found a solution or work-around...? or is this just a "sit back and wait for Apple to fix" kind of problem...?




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