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I have a macbook 2009, the disk is bad. Need to get to Disk utilities but my 10.5 install disk will not get me booted. Says 10.5 can not be installed on this computer. I was on 10.6... Intel

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    December 15, 2008, was the last retail release of 10.5.


    Some MacBooks in 2009 came with 10.5, while others came with 10.6.   Whichever installer disc they came prebundled with is the earliest Mac OS X they can install.  They can't use the retail 10.5 installer, an OEM installer, or an update 10.5 installer disc, or one that came with another Mac of a different vintage or model.

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    Hi Brody

    Ok I looked again and instead it is a mid 2007. So I have a boot problem as well I hold down power 10 sec.

    take the power cord out then reinsert the cord it boots sometimes ...Bad switch ?


    The HD needs to be reformated so I am trying to use 10.5 DVD that was shipped with a 2009 macbook.

    But it will not install. So I guess I will use Disk Utilities ... Just thinking can I reformat from Target mode??? then try

    to in install 10.5


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    Classic Mac OS

    You can't use the installation disc that shipped with another Mac model, or vintage of the same Mac.  Target Disk mode may appear to bypass this restriction, but that's because it treats the target machine as an external hard drive with no CPU, and the installer then assumes it is installing to a backup drive of the computer that is the host machine.  Unfortunately, once you boot the target machine, a kernel panic or an unbootable system may result. They must be either newer retail installation disc that came straight from the store as a purchased item separate from the computer, or the discs prebundled with the Mac in question.