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I am using a MacBook Air (mid 2013 model) for the past 1 month & it did not show signs of any glitch till yesterday. I keep WiFi ON all the time but since yesterday,  even though WiFi signal is showing all the towers, Safari is unable to load pages from time to time. My other devices (windows, android) are working just fine but I am really not sure what is it that is making Safari such a spoil sport.


I have seen various posts where members are annoyed that after upgrading to OS X Mavericks they are facing WiFI issues & also that some members with MBA (mid 2013 model) sometimes face WiFI problems. But the main thing that is worring me is, initially I did not face any such problems & even after upgrading my OS to Mavericks for more than a fortnight, there were no such issues as to when WiFi signal was pretty good yet Safari was unable to load any webpage for a certain period of time. This issue however gets solved by itself but again comes back to haunt me after some time. This is becoming increasingly annoying & it would of great help if any one of you can suggest something so that this problem can be fixed.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9), MBA (mid 2013 model)