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I got an ipad air a week ago, this evening it turned itself off. I did nothing, and the apple symbol came up the screen, and disappeared again.  It continued to appear and disappear from the screen several time.  I thought the best option would be to reset it, as after 10 minutes caught in this loop nothing was happening.  I did the home and lock button tricks and the ipad turned off.  I left it for a few minutes to recover or what have you before trying to turn it on again. 


Having turned it on now it seems to be stuck on a loading screen.  The little white turning wheel thingy.  They apple logo came up a few minutes ago, but only for a second before returning to the loading wheel.  As I stated, the ipad arrived a week ago today, so very disappointed to see it acting up, if these anything I can do to sort it?

iPad Air, iOS 7.0.3