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I have a question for anyone who's using X11VNC on a mac.


When X11VNC is acting as the VNC server on the mac can you double click any file on the mac to open it from a remote VNC viewer?


The double click doesn't work using X11VNC server on my macs but it does work with X11VNC server on my Linux system.


I can get around this my right clicking and opening/executing that way.


I've found X11VNC to be an excellant VNC application.  It has many options and apart from this one issue works better for me than the other VNC applications I've tried on the mac.


Some info:
Mac OSX = Mountain Lion
X11VNC executable = x11vnc-0.9.14_TEST_MACOSX_10.6_OR_LATER_i386-apple-darwin_10.8.0
VNC Viewer = UltraVNC

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion