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Hello to all, Im in the construction field and my boss is looking to take on a particular project but asked me if I can find an app that will make calculating the job easier.

the job is to repoint (remortar) a dimensional stone bridge which can have thousands of joints( as seen in the pics). the problem with that is not all joints have to be repointed, only particular ones are to be repointed. so the issue is having a way to record exactly which joints were repaired and whats the liner measurements for each.

So what Im looking for is an app that can edit a blueprint and or picture of the bridge stones( and its joints). highlight any individual joint and accept a liner measurement and be shared with others ( weather through email etc.). For records that multiple sources can view. Also an app thats not that complicated to learn( most of the users will be on field guys with average to intermediate computer knowledge. I have viewed alot of 3d apps in the app store but nothing that looks like if can perform the task at hand.


any help will be well appreciated, if I missed any info. Please just let me know


Ps. these are not pictures of the bridge/ stones in this project but the joint placement and sizes are very simular..




Thanks again