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i'm using all the newest versions of iLife and Aperture (as of 11/13/13)... i use iMovie to make slideshows from my photography because i like the controls better than in Aperture or iPhoto... however, since upgrading to Mavericks and all of the new iWorks, iLife, Aperture on my Fall 2011 MBA, when i import still photos into iMovie to make a slideshow, they have a propensity to be rendered, at least in previews, as solid green images (think green screen)... i'm using jpeg images that have been exported to a separate file from my Aperture library, all using RGB color... there seems to be no rhyme or reason to which ones render incorrectly and which do not... sometimes the thumbnail image appears as the solid green, most of the time, though, it will appear as a standard thumbnail image, but show up green on the preview screen. I have not tried actually exporting the project as a quicktime movie to see what happens. I have tried closing and reopening imove after import, but that seems to make no difference.  if i delete the files and reimport, sometimes they will import correctly, but often they do not.

My iMovie files, as well as the exported jpg's are all located on my internal SSD. Is anyone else having this kind of thing happen?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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