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Is there a way to teach the dictation program a word I use a lot? It won't seem to recognize "ethnicity" or "ethnicities," for example? (it interpreted "ethnicities" as "aptness a tease" and ethnicity as "city"!!!)


Also, it is randomly capitalizing various words like "and" or "a" in the middle of a sentence. Any way to turn that off?


I am using Mavericks and chose the Enhanced Dictation.

Thanks for any ideas/ assistance.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Dictation will continually learn from your speech patterns the more you use it. If there are words that it is misinterpreting, speak these repetitively, possibly with different annunciation, and see if it learns correctly. Also, I would suggest using a better quality usb microphone or bluetooth headset that permits clear reception of your voice. Before you do that, you might want to increase the audio level of the built-in MacBook Air microphone via System Preferences Sound.


    Here is an Apple document discussing dictation. Note the document link to the detailed list of dictation commands.

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    I have been using a separate microphone, a Sennheiser headset that I plug into a USB adapter. I tried upping the volume in the system preferences, but it did not appear to increase the accuracy.


    I tried teaching it the word ethnicity, but  it never got it after probably 30  or 50 tries. It gets ethnic, it gets nationality, but it won't get ethnicity, it writes "at the city."


    I guess there is no way to teach it words, that is too bad. I have  used Microsoft dictation and also Dragon, and I like Microsoft's way of handling new words best: you actually record the pronunciation for each word that you teach the program, So it learns directly from you.


    I dictated this message. Note the random capitalization of "so" in the previous sentence.

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    The inherent solution choice appears as either a Microsoft, or appropriate Nuance Dragon product on the Mac.


    Although the Mac dictation was sourced from Nuance, functionality was likely limited by financial and competitive considerations. As you are discovering, this has limitations on productivity.


    Perhaps one day, dictation will be telepathic.

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    I have the exact same problem. I'm using the enhanced dictation, and it is randomly capitalizing words that in the middle of a sentence. Did you find a solution to this?

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    Not only in english but also in spanish, the capitalization of single vowels and letters (i.e. "Y" or "U" instead of "y" or "u").


    Do you think opening a "bug ticket" would solve anything?

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    DeFinitely! The more people who have problems such as described and who pay good money for APPL product$ and opEn bUg ticket$, the better. Proportional representation speaks volumes.


    After all, the Mothership runs on your money. But you already know thAt


    Happy Polar Vortex New Year!


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    Actually, I've noticed specifically the error that you are pointing out here. That is, after a comma, the next word is capitalized.

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    That is no help whatever for many technical terms or 'brand names'.  The lack of training capability is a killer.  I mention the name of my company, and the product line often in documents, and I have tried to get 'Dictation' to recognize the product name, by saying the word over and over in a dozen ways, correcting the spelling myself ... does not work.  A 'training' capability would handle this in a minute.


    If I could train dictation to recognize just 20 words it would make an enormous difference.

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    I have  used Microsoft dictation and also Dragon, and I like Microsoft's way of handling new words best: you actually record the pronunciation for each word that you teach the program,


    That is an option in Dragon, also.