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I'm using Griffin's iMic to transfer cassettes onto the computer, and then onto CD. Suddenly, however, the input volume is too loud and distorting (which it wasn't doing in earlier attempts at this). If I go into System Preferences and turn the input all the way down, I'm STILL getting a signal, which seems weird. Obviously, I've tried that, and poked around in the MIDI settings and turned the volume down there, too (no effect). The little switch on the iMic is set to the turntable setting as well (if I go to the other one, it REALLY blasts!). So I'm at a kind of a loss what to try next. Is the problem that the CD deck is simply shooting out the sound at too high of a volume, and I need to go through a pre-amp to lower it? Thanks.

iMac 17" Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    I am not sure why you are using an iMic with an iMac.

    The iMac already has a built-in "Line In" port. This port is all you need to connect your CD player to the iMac.

    This Line In port is perfect for recording from devices such as CD Players and Tape decks.

    This does expect a non-amplified audio source. So, that would mean coming from a standard Component Stereo setup (using the RCA jacks).

    If you are using a device with a volume switch, then turn it down almost all the way. Likewise, the iMic is also expecting an unamplified audio input.

    But, if you are using a CD-Deck and not a walkman or similar (and are sure it is not amplified), then try running it through the iMac's built-in Line In port.

    You'll likely get better results.

    There is sometimes a bit of a lag in USB audio transmissions. So, you'll get more reliable results from the built-in port anyway.

    You only need the iMic if you are using a Microphone or some other source that needs amplification to bring it up to "Line Level".

    All stereo components (except for Turn-Tables / Record Players) already emit Line Level on their RCA jacks.

    Otherwise, you might use the iMic if you had a computer without a Line-In port. But, there is no need for it with your iMac.

    I hope this helps.