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    Ummmmm i just know you all have that problem... This i am not kidding... When first i bought my ipad air i buy screen protector andthe ipad protector.... Just a few weeks ago i accidentally fall my ipad air.... I dont know why? LUCKILY my ipad screen didnt crash off..... So i recommended for those who have this..... Buy a screen protector and your ipad will safe xD

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    Yes. The other thing to note is that when it cracks a little it pretty immediately shatters and crumbles and little shards of glass will fall out. Is this safe considering Apple markets these devices as suitable for kids?

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    You are absolutely right! a few weeks ago I even upgraded my iPad Case to a rugged Belkin case with a keyboard. A few days ago it slipped through my fingers and dropped from 10 inches on the floor and the screen is cracked in the corner! So a $600,-  costing device for ever day use, protected by a $100,- case, doesn't survive a 10 inch drop on the floor! The entire construction is wrong. The edges from the screen should be sealed in a rubber seal, so its much less vulnurable for impact and torsion.


    a repair costs about 150 euro's in local repairshop.


    For my work I use an iPhone 5S, it's still in undamaged, but the most iPhones from my collegues are damaged and the ones that are not, have a verry rugged rubber case, which makes it twice as thick! Old Nokia phones could be run over by a car and were still working, while made from plastic...


    It's ridiculous that Appple creates every day use products that are as fragile like it's china (porcelain).


    Currently I am using a Samsung S3 mini Smartphone, but my next one wil probaly be a Nokia Windowsphone. My next tablet wil probaly be WIndows based product. I am realy fed up with these fragile products and very exepensive battery replacements, for batteries that cost ony $20,-


    Apple should be warned, that there comes a time that people don't accept this anymore. These products are just every day use products and not expensive jewels. You cannot leave your kids alone with Apple products, they are to vulnurable.

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    Apple has designed the iPads to be a piece of art and have adhered to their ideology of making them a power packed beauty.

    A thin light design calls for a thinner and lighter metal framework. The screen has to be lightweight too.

    Applying pressure on the screen at weak points like the centre can easily lead to cracking.

    It is highly advisable to iPad Air users to use a case. The iPad is still lighter and easy to handle with the case on as compared to other tablets in the market.

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