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I am having trouble with the color brick. I can't change the color of an object, at least not like described here: http://http://thedigitalstory.com/2012/12/easily-color-changin.html.


Some background:


1. I am working with RAW files.


2. I have RTFM.


3. I have consulted three books I own on Aperture.


4. I have searched the web for help, which is how I came across the link above.


5. I am using the color block correctly, but I can only achieve a subtle shift in the change of very pale colors. This is despite adding up to three additional color blocks to try to increase the degree of change, but there is no way I am coming close to being able to change a blue car to purple, let alone to red (this references the link above.)


Others must have experienced this, I would think. Any thoughts on what I might do differently to achieve more dramatic results from the color block? I don't even have a specific change in a specific image that I'm asking about—I just want to master the software so that I can do so when I need to. Come to think of it, there is a specific change I want to make in a image. Now it's really an important question!





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