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32GB GSM iPhone5S 7.0.3 Bug List


- Reoccurring iOS crashes/reboots/restarts, under to specific circumstances:

• Sliding down notification center

• Sliding up control center

• Tapping the top area of the screen where the status bar would be, within full-screen applications that don't show the status bar.

• Tapping the bottom area of the screen where one would slide up to activate the control center, within full-screen applications that don't show the status bar.

• Configuring various different iOS UI/iOS App/3rd party App settings, from within the Settings App.

• Configuring various different iOS UI/iOS settings, from within the Control Center.


- Specific iOS App bugs:

• iWork apps freezing/lagging, even when no other applications are open and/or backgrounded.

• App Store not showing reviews properly (i.e., either: not showing all reviews, not show any reviews, and/or showing reviews in an incorrect order; I've confirmed these issues by checking app review details online, for an array of different apps, doing so both on multiple iPhone models, and on desktop computers. The apps show their reviews online on said mentioned platforms, but a large portion of them aren't showing any/all reviews properly within the App Store specifically.

• Reoccurring Siri-created reminders' specified reminder details are deleted, after having said reminder(s) created by Siri, when attempting to manually reconfigure one or more of said reminders' options.


- Specific iOS UI bugs:

• Notification Center "Today" section, Reminders' scheduled dates showing either black or white, intermittently.


* Please note that these issues are still present, regardless of the fact that I have already tried to fix them by reinstalling iOS7, hard-rebooting, and restating my iPhone.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3