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With the lastest iTunes upgrade to iTunes on my Windows 7-based PC, Apple removed the only link on the iTunes Store that connected me to iTunes Radio. I've written to Apple support and was told it has to do with my firewall, but that's not true because  I restared my computer and tried the links again with no firewall running. The only application running was iTunes, and still all the links on the iTunes store pages to iTunes radio are dead. The only way I can access iTunes radio is by clicking on the iTunes guide link at the bottom of the page which opens a browser page with a link to iTunes radio. This works, but given the ineptitude of Apple on this matter, I suspect this link will eventually disappear, too. I first reported the radio's dead links a few days after iTune's launch, but the support team either isn't bothering to pass long bug reports to their developers or Apple doesn't care about those who use iTunes on Windows.


I don't own this computer, it's my employer's. Planned to buy a Mac when the time came to buy my own system, but I'm no longer confident that Apple delivers what for me was its best selling point, excellent customer care. Sad.

iTunes Match, Windows 7