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OS 10.8.5

27" iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5



Imported several gigs of images from an external HD - RAW, jpg and TIFF. Aperture is still "importing" after 15 hours. Many thumbs not showing.


I checked whether images are imported by using "Show in FInder" method. Most are. Some I had to reconnect because Aperture lost reference to them in the Aperture image folder I designated for import. A lot of thumbnails are missing or not fully formed, and opening files that are properly connected is very slow.


Obviously something is wrong but I don't want to quit Aperture becasue Aperture moving the files rather than copying them, and I fear quitting will lose the files forever.




BTW, many quirky issues with the update to 3.4.5. Lots of blank thumbnails that previously existed, some pre-update file thumbs look full of colored dots or zigzags, but they do resolve to full images after opening and waiting a bit. Ugh.


Thx for help.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 12 GB RAM
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    Aperture crashed. I restarted with no real distasters, just annoyances. Thumbnail views now disappear even on images I just worked with.


    Some projects have thumbnails OK in Project view but none in Split View.


    One project that was importing when my issue happened has some color noise thumbs tha, when queiered via "Show in Finder", report "External volume this was imported from is offline". Not true. Never took those volumes online.




    Do I delete the "bad", unconnected files from this above project and re-import from a backup folder with "Do not import duplicates" ticked? Should that solve the missing file problem?


    However, what's up with the vagaries of thumbnails dynamically disappearing? Whatever I do doesn't seem to re-create them.