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Another local school had the same configurator bug.


Configurator downloaded ios6 and wiped out their cart that had ios7


After I got that hard to believe heads up I took precautions.

I had only one ipad connected and it happend to me the next day.


See this screen snapshot





I've reported the bug to apple, and they have yet to send me a case number so I can reply with the jpg


And yet more bugs with Configurator 1.4.2, we are using 10.8.5  and newest itunes as of today. 


a) Attempts to fetch ios6 when it should be 7.0.4   our ipads are currrently 7.0.3 


b) Attempts to fetch ios 7.0.4 on Friday when it was completed THursday, and installed on 5 ipads


c) We still must deal with the unboxing questions of "location services" and "passcode" after the ipad is connected then disconnected from the mac using configurator.   It happens randomly, about once a week.  This bug was much more frequent with 1.4.0


d)  Not a bug, but worthy of note:  I got email from google. They launched their enterprirse version of configurator.  You configure the teacher tablet and such. THen you bump the teacher tablet to the back of a non configured student tablet.  Brilliant!  No it staff needed!  No buggy configurator. 

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1