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    *** Update II ***


    Watched last night in prime time and had the same issue whether using my Apple TV (wireless) or PS3 (wired).  I was getting 57Mbps through speedtest on my cable modem so internet speed is not the problem. 


    To isolate the issue I used the PS3 and hit "display" on the remote which provides for the video streaming info in the upper left corner.  Left it displayed for the duration.  Quality varied randomly from 264SD to 720HD throughtout the night.  Never did reach "1080 Super HD" last night.  Tried it just now, on the same content, and got 1080 Super HD almost immediately.


    So the obvious conclusion is that it is not limited to the ATV and is either a bandwidth problem at Netflix or at Comcast (my cable provider).  Interestingly, both have had major changes recently.  Netflix rolled out their excellent new interface (on PS3 but not on ATV) and Comcast announced a content cap effective 12/01/13 of 300GB per month ($10 per 50 GB after that).


    Bottom line, it is obviously NOT a hardware issue but rather a limitation of Netflix and/or Comcast to adequately handle prime time traffic.  Or its an intentional "throttleing" during prime time.  I tend to think it is Netflix becasue HBO GO on Apple TV does not appear to have the same issue.  Unfortunately, I can't be sure because without the stream rate display as on the PS3, the random drop in speed is hard to pick up on.

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    Talked to apple, they had me reset the atv which leloads the software & system. You will have to re-enter your settings. Like i said netflix works perfect in the daytime hours but at night is when i have had the trouble, imovies-hulu plus never any trouble.i will see if this cures netflix tonite.

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    Don't hold your breath. I reset mine a few days ago and it made no difference. ATV still tops out around 3000 kbps during non-peak hours whereas the Roku 2XS will ramp up to 5800 kbps after a few minutes. However, during peak hours both boxes produce not much better than standard definition TV. When we try Youtube during peak hours we get an excellent picture and as the previous poster indicated, Hulu Plus works well too. What can we make of all this? Since previous posters stated that the ATV worked quite well prior to a few weeks back, it is hard to say that Apple is not responsible in some way. But when Youtube can produce 1080p and Netflix can't during peak hours, I'm thinking it is also a problem with Comcast and Netflix not working well together. Thoughts?

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    As I noted above, using the movie suggested, I got 5800 kbps, during off-peak times,on both the Apple TV and PS3 which is apparently the maximum bitrate (5800 = 1080 Super HD).  I agree there is a bottle neck at peak usage and I think it is with Netflix since other streaming devices don't seem to have the noticeable degradation during prime time. 


    I've found no objective indicators of performance issues with my Apple TV.

  • ericfromin Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tend to agee, ihad to set airport dns server to because comcast has a provisioning problem.i may have to move my modem & router & hard wire from router to atv, dont want to do that because i have phone also with comcast & will have to relocate my phone base station.

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    I wish I had good news for you. My ATV is hardwired. I've also tried different DNS servers too. I've used Gibson Research to determine the best DNS servers at my location. I'd be interested if others try this and come with DNS servers that make a BIG difference. Here's the link...


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    Whew! And here I was thinking it was Netflix. I am a Netflix subscriber and use the ATV as my primary device to watch it. Until recently, it was streaming HD fine. I started to note the drop in HD quality and thought that it was due to Netflix hitting peak output and thus the drop in quality.


    Another thing I've noted is that while streaming Netflix or tv shows purchased on the iTunes store, if I hit pause and shortly after resumed play, the content will fast forward with the audio playing out of sync. If I hit pause again to stop this, ATV wouldn't respond to the command. I would have to repeatedly hit pause and menu to make the fast forwarding stop. After a few repeated pressings of all the buttons on my ATV remote, the fast forwarding would stop then I would have to rewind back to the spot I was, hit play, and all would be well except that then the HD would come and go or just stay at a lower definition.


    Has anyone have this happened to you?

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    How do you see what kbps you get .

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    When you do a search on Netflix for "Example Short 23.976", bitrate will be displayed in the upper left part of the screen.

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    I have Comcast too and now I'm curious as to whether or not this on Comcast's end. Netflix works fine streaming to my blu-ray player and my iPad, but still horrible on Apple TV. I get 50mbps and I'm hardwired as well. Apple TV is the only one giving me problems.


    Does Roku 3 get Netflix in Super HD?

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    No, I have the problem on Time Warner with both ATV and Roku3.

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    *** Correction ***


    I stand corrected.  I'm now convinced that the problem is in fact the newest software update for Apple TV and here's why:  In my previous posts above, I noted no performance deficiences during off-peak times and no difference in performance vs my PS3.  However, I had mistakenly assumed my ATV had the latest software (I have auto-update selected in preferences).  In double checking this afternoon, I was notified that an update was available.  Thinking it might be another fix, I installed it only to discover it was version 6.0.2!


    After the update I had a serious degradation in performance.  Using the same movie and procedure, at 3:30 PM (off-peak), I got a high of 3000 Kbps ONCE for about 5 seconds - out of the whole 11 minute film!  Most often it ran at less than 500 Kbps.  At the same time I got a consistent 5800 Kbps from my PS3.  Sorry for my misleading posts above.  I should have checked my software version first! 


    Bottom line - If you haven't updated to 6.0.2 don't!


    According to iClarified on 11/18/2013, Apple has seeded version 6.1 to developers, so perhaps they are aware of the problem. 


    Here's the link - lopers

  • met_fan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had my ATV problems while on 6.0.1. Used to stream consistenly at 5800, but it's been much worse than that for at least the past few weeks. Just updated to 6.0.2 and the first time I ran the test clip it hit 5800 and stayed there. I'll see how it does in prime time tonight. Don't know why, but I tried posting this earlier and got a message saying the post was being deleted due to a question regarding beta software.

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    I've had the same problem for the past couple of weeks -- maybe since the 6.0.1 update? Netflix buffers endlessly and can only play a few minutes at a time in horrible quality. If I immediately switch over to my PS3 I can watch Netflix no problem so it seems the ATV is the problem. Got the 6.0.2 update last night with no change. Just ran the Netflix stream test and the ATV gets 560 - 750 kbps while the PS3 hits 5800 kbps and stays there. Hopefully Apple will have another update soon...

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    In my case it definitely seems to be a recent Apple/Netflix issue.


    My wired Apple TV consistently got 5800 kbps until 9 days ago.


    Now it struggles to get 1750 kpbs.


    My (wireless) Chromecast continues to get 5800 kbps pretty much at any time of day.


    I normally use Open DNS - but have tried Google and Comcast DNS without any difference.

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