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How long after you report a problem does it take for the fix to be picked up in maps? The street I live on is misspelled. It's shown as one word, but it should be two words. Maps cannot find the address when it is spelled correctly, so I have it purposely misspelled it as one word in my contacts, which helps for the most part, however it still tries to place my home on an entirely different street all together. Fortunately this new random street is at least close to where I live. When I used to spell my street correctly with two words, maps would try to send me to the next town over. So it kind of works, as long as I misspell my street, and ignore the fact that it is showing where I live to be a couple of streets down from where I actually live. I live in Connecticut - not in the most populated of areas, but not in the middle of nowhere either. Amazingly enough Google Maps will correctly find my address whether it's spelled with one words or two words. Google Maps also shows my apartment complex, which Apple Maps does not. I really wish Apple would just do a quick pass of the area to fix these issues. I’ve reported the problem several times, months ago. How long will it take for there to be a fix? I keep trying to use the Apple ecosystem, but Google is clearly the better solution for me.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    Apple does not do the GIS data for maps. That comes from 3rd party vendors like Tom Tom. I have read it takes some time to update map data. The only thing you can do is report it.


    Not to belittle your complaint, but on my end it is Apple that is clearly better. When looking at my house in Google, the satellite photo is more than 4 years old, and the Apple one is much newer. I can tell because of the condition of my home and the neighbor's. They had an above ground pool which was removed 4 years ago and it shows on the Google Map. I had remodeling and roof work done to my home that started 3 years ago and Apple's satellite view showed this work done, which took over a year to complete. I live in the middle of a block in a rural town. Both Apple and Google split the block into 100 parts and put my home close to the beginning of the block instead of where it actually sits. I've reported it to both Google and Apple and no one has changed. Just one of those things. But, keep your chin up, it will get corrected eventually.