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if you publish a series in ibook store, is there a way to let those who downloaded number one, know there is a number two out? thank you!

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    The method I used was include in the end pages of all my books,  a thumbnail  of all the books (  I knew I was going to make!)  in a series and state they will become available in XX months and to check  www.xxxxxxx.com for  further information. 


    You can  also ask if the want to be notified by email, most wont  due to ever present spammers.

    As  they became available I used Apples link maker to add logo to the web pages.


    An option for you is to add the information in the original book  and re-deliver as a new version,  those who  have that book will be able to update and see your new info.


    If you  check into your iTunes Connect  > Deliver your Content > Featured Resourses - you will  find  a number of PDFs to download, one of which is iStore Marketting. It  may  give you some pointers.

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    thank you! :-)