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My ipad mini won't charge in the wall socket. Before, It would charge but it had to be a specific position so the symbol would come on to indicate charging and if you so much but touched it, the symbol would go away and it wouldn't charge. This is the second cord that has done this, but I only have 1 adapter. I have the ligtning cord for ipad mini. Even if I plug it in into my new Mac computer, it still has the smbol that indicates to plug it in because it is out of battery. (The symbol only comes on when I hold down the power button at the top to see if it's charging) I have seen a lot of other issues with the ligtning cord or ipad minis not charging, but not the issue that I have. The ipad is completley out of battery now, because I thought it was charging but it had the "plug in" sign still when I tried to use it this morning. What should I do? is there something that I can do from the computer to fix it? Is there some way I can just charge it full and get through this weekend, and get a new adapter and cord during the week? I have plans this weekend and I need to set it up but the only way is through my ipad. Please help.

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 7.0.1