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I bought an iphone 5s from a stranger (customer of mines). He gave me his code to unlock the the phone, his name was in the phone already and i know for sure the phone is registered with his Apple ID, not lost, not stolen and he was the orinal owner of the phone. I was using the phone for a day before i decided to factory reset the phone. my mistake, i stock on activation lock screen now and cant do anything without his Apple ID and password. New securitity feature of Apple.

So i have tried to call him, his number changed, tried to email him, no reply, left a message on Facebook no reply as well. And thats where I am hitting the brick wall.

I spoke with Apple customer support via chat and on the phone, went to the store as well. Nobody can help because i cant contact the guy who sold the phone to me... a genuine transaction, cash in hand!

so at the moemnt instead of enjoying my first iphone i can only watch it! nothing else, i have original box with accesories, checked if he didnt report it lost or stolen ... nothing, phone is clean!


I was under impression Aplle provides outstanding customer service in every occasion and their geniuses can crack every hard case with an Apple device, so why they cant crack my case?!


Is there anything I can do to start using my phone? Anything at all?! I am so dissapointed at Apple ... and all their loopwholes!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
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