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MichalK86 Level 1 (0 points)

I bought an iphone 5s from a stranger (customer of mines). He gave me his code to unlock the the phone, his name was in the phone already and i know for sure the phone is registered with his Apple ID, not lost, not stolen and he was the orinal owner of the phone. I was using the phone for a day before i decided to factory reset the phone. my mistake, i stock on activation lock screen now and cant do anything without his Apple ID and password. New securitity feature of Apple.

So i have tried to call him, his number changed, tried to email him, no reply, left a message on Facebook no reply as well. And thats where I am hitting the brick wall.

I spoke with Apple customer support via chat and on the phone, went to the store as well. Nobody can help because i cant contact the guy who sold the phone to me... a genuine transaction, cash in hand!

so at the moemnt instead of enjoying my first iphone i can only watch it! nothing else, i have original box with accesories, checked if he didnt report it lost or stolen ... nothing, phone is clean!


I was under impression Aplle provides outstanding customer service in every occasion and their geniuses can crack every hard case with an Apple device, so why they cant crack my case?!


Is there anything I can do to start using my phone? Anything at all?! I am so dissapointed at Apple ... and all their loopwholes!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.3
  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    Activation Lock is one way Apple provides outstanding customer service. It makes it impossible for anyone who acquires an iPhone to use it without the permission of the previous owner. If there was any way around Activation Lock it would defeat the purpose of Activation Lock. So your only option is to find the seller. Here are the seller's instructions:

  • MichalK86 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Lawrence,


    Thank you for your reply, not very helpfull but still.. I bought the phone from the owner, phone is not lost or stolen, the nly problem i have is to contact the guy who sold it, it was face to face transaction, cash in hand, nothing wrong with tha, he was the first iPhone owner...

    I could understand if the phone is stolen, but its not!

    If Apple would provide great customer service they would contact him or came up with a solluction, but they are treating me like a thief ... thats it.



  • hot_spur Level 4 (1,560 points)

    Disappointed with Apple? Really?


    That Activation Lock is to protect Apple's customers. You are not one of their customers. You are the customer of a person who did not properly prepare the phone for sale. It's that person't fault. Be disappointed with them.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    If I had a stolen iPhone the first thing I would say is that I bought it legitimately. I accept that you did buy it legitimately, but how would Apple know that you are telling the truth if someone who had a stolen phone would say exactly the same thing?

  • MichalK86 Level 1 (0 points)

    They could contact the previous owner or the police... quite hard to steal the phone with original box and accessories and know the name of the owner and his contact details... but yes I am being treated like I stole it...

  • hot_spur Level 4 (1,560 points)

    Then until you can contact him you own a paperweight. Apple will not help you. It isn't their problem.

  • MetaSolaray Level 4 (1,245 points)

    Well; how would /THEY/ know that you did or didn't. You did not purchase the device from any retailer who is apple authorized and did a hand to hand cash transaction, which is unforunately the same method that thieves use to push their product.


    Simply put they have no verfication or paperwork to informt his; it's unforunate on your behalf that you didn't get the device properly set up for a person-to-person sale

  • pvonk Level 6 (13,722 points)

    Read through this article to find if your device has an activation lock.



    If this is what you have - the news is bad:


  • matthewfromrivers Level 1 (0 points)

    you don't know what we are passing through, so do not try to appraise apple.. Good customer service entails that they contact the apple id linked to the device and confirm if it was sold or stolen and help the new owner.. I'm passing through this exact problem and the customer agent i spoke with from apple said they cannot detect the e-mail linked to the serial number... So that means we own scraps instead of devices

  • elmac Level 5 (4,230 points)

    I kno' you are angry - But surely you cannot be angry at Apple.. you purchased the item, hopefully getting it cheaper than at an Authorized Apple Dealer...It didn't work...The guy you bought it from probably has a dozen or so in his trunk..just waiting for a gullible mark.. Trade it in for a new iPhone, get the Full Apple Care package & the Apple Customer Experience............ It's well worth it...........

  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,416 points)

    matthewfromrivers wrote:


    Good customer service entails that they contact the apple id linked to the device and confirm if it was sold or stolen and help the new owner..


    Sorry, but I disagree.  It is not the OEM's responsibility to check nor confirm any such thing.  it is up to the seller and the buyer, in a private party personal transaction, to ensure that both are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the sale and the item.


    You buy a used personal item as is from someone, and it is just that, as is.  The responsibility is solely on the two parties making the exchange to ensure that both have gotten what they wanted out of the deal.


    No company is going to get involved in any such private party sales or exchanges of items - in the USA at least, it would be a legal minefield for them, if nothing else.  Private/personal property sales are just that, private and personal.

  • hot_spur Level 4 (1,560 points)

    matthewfromrivers wrote:


    Good customer service entails that they contact the apple id linked to the device and confirm if it was sold or stolen and help the new owner.


    As I said to MichalK86, and I will reiterate for you; YOU are not Apple's customer. You are the customer of an unauthorized seller (potentially a crook). Even if Apple could help (and they can't), why would they want to abet a potentially illegal activity? An above-board transaction would have been accompanied by a receipt from someone you could go back to and demand a refund. But you can't do that, can you?


    If you wanted Apple customer service, you should not have bought the phone on the street. Apple has no responsibility in such transactions, and they owe you nothing.

  • MichalK86 Level 1 (0 points)

    we are not apple customers and hopefully will never be ... because of that crap fucntion i cannot use the iphone, but funny enough i found out that guy who sold me the phone had family tragedy, his fiance had a heart attack, thats why its impossible for me to contact him, my friend tried to contact him , his fiance and fiances sister... no luck i tried the same ... so please tell me thats great apples customers service to ensure everything its ok... please.... dont talk rubbish mate!

  • elmac Level 5 (4,230 points)

    bye bye money, hello, hello, can anyone help me -- NO

    Stop bleating, after seeing, hearing and reading 1001 excuses/reasons why..

    Try calling Ford/GMC/Toyota if a used vehicle breaks down.......Sorry mate, get real...

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