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I have recently had to sell my Ipad 2 top of the line. I have now gone back to my old I pod touch 2, only to find Apple has Stopped updating its IOS at 4.2.1, and of course most software has marched on way past that. So its not backwards compatible with most current apps. Also to twist the knife as it were, I now find I cannot sync my calender or contacts from my IMAC either, because Apple tells me that these are done with I Cloud and Gen 1 and 2 I pod Touch's do not have this capability. So Apple are doing the bullyish number on us by forcing those with older GEN IPOD Touch's (cant speak for the other devices), to upgrade our hardware. Making the GEN 1 & 2 Ipod touch's a very expensive paperwight. Unfortunately like many these days I cannot afford to upgrade anything. Otherwise I would not have had to sell my IPAD. So to summerise, Apple are playing with our loyalty, hoping that we will stay with them while they stick it to us, IPODS Touch's 1 & 2 can no longer get apps or software downloads past 4.2.1, Calender and Contacts no only sync with ICLOUD pushing them. I cloud is a paid service over 5 GIG so in the back door they are forcing us to use a paid service on top of paying for the most expensive kit on the market. Are they trying to dump the retail clientele in preference the the businsess users? Buyers of Apples new devices beware, for if they are doing this to the older Gen 1 & 2 I pod touch's which sill work perfectly fine, what will they do to the users of the new kit a couple of years down track? I am getting really sick of this manipulative attitude they have taken on since the "NEW" management have taken over. I think Samsung deserve's a look. I welcome any feedback from those who are in the same boat as I.

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    Why would you think that the latest software would run on older devices forever.  This is completely normal.  ALL software driven devices become unable to run the latest software at some point.


    As it should be, the more advanced the software becomes, the more advanced the hardware must be to handle that software.


    This is normal in every way.  The same is tru of your car, tv, dvd, player, computer, and any other software drived device that you own.


    The original ipod touch is more than 6 years old and the second gen is more than 5.  This is very old in portable tech terms.


    Do you think that Samsung or any other device by any other make will be any different?  You shoudl really try them and see if they even last 5 or 6 years.  Maybe the flaw is that Apple makes these protable devices to last so long that they outlive the ability to add software.   If they did not last so long, maybe you would not complain.


    This is not unusual in any way.

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    Why should Apple in their wisdom, not help the users of older devices in retaining their ability to function, I am now in the state of having a perfectly good device, but Apple ******** it down, why, because like you they want me to upgrade to new hardware. If I could I would but I cant, buying food is my priority not getting new kit I have 5 Apple devices in my home. This is my portable device, or was. I am no longer thinking that Apple is the great benefactor I once thought they were. It is their choice to do what they have done. They could help me and other users of the older devices continue to have decent service but they chose not to. I was completely in Apples camp until now. When something looks like a fish, smells like a fish and tastes like a fish, generally we would assume its fish, in this case its an Apple. I have heard news today that Apple are back tracking on some of the older app softeware, I have yet to find any, and still cannot sync my Calender or contacts, which they should have left the **** alone.

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    Scrag10 you said Why should Apple in their wisdom, not help the users of older devices in retaining their ability to function,


    The iPod still just functions the same at ti did before. You just can't get new feature and new updates.

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    First, as I said I am an Apple convert from all things Microsoft - Android etc, but my old friend the IPOD Touch gen 2, stuck on IOS 4.2.1 cannot download anynthing from this century! if anything at all. The Calender function still works as a stand alone item as does the contacts file but neither can be syncronised by my IMAC 27"

    This means that the most usable functionality for my part is gone. THIS IS APPLES CHOICE! They have decided on this way forward to entice us to upgrade our hardware.

    After 32 years in sales I know what I am talking about. Apple did not need to drop us older users but they have. So let us agree that the functionality of my IPOD GEN 2 is definately not now what it was designed to do. This was a business decision not an accident. You need to then also consider if you have a late generation phone pad or Pod, how long will Apple let those live? Smacks of Blade Runner replicants. If I had the opportunity to confront Apple they would not enjoy the experience. In sales the priority is to always, always, always, look after the customer. They need someone to teach them some manners.

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    Scrag10 I'm with you... to a point. I cut my teeth on the original Macintosh. Had a Power PC Mac clone, for years and used it until my printer crapped out and mother board died, couldn't get a new printer or mother board because they were pre carbon. Had to bite the bullet and buy a new Mac, and printer, and scanner, and you get the picture. Look, it ***** when you have to update to a new devices when the only thing wrong with one you have is... it's old. But the hardware in the iPod 2g just isn't up to running the new ios and apps and designers are going to build around the current hardware, that's just how's it done. Things become obsolete very fast in the electric world and to keep up you need to replace your stuff every few years. I don't like it either, but, it's the way it is. Sorry, but, move on man.

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    I could understand your frustration if you were adressing something like the 4th gen itouch and the lacking iOS 7 update, but these are units from almost 5 years ago that you're mentioning. It only makes sense for Apple to drop support for them. 1st and 2nd gen itouchs are too old to compete with new mobile hardware, so developers have dropped support, and thus Apple has stopped caring about products that almost nobody uses anymore.

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    I understand about the software, but they have made the choice to stop the sync between the device and the mac. As I cannot afford to upgrade to new hardware this wee IPOD is my life line so now I will have to update the Calender and contacts manually, folks you need to wake up that Apple is only there to make money, they did not have to stop the sync they could have left that as it was but they want ICLOUD to make more money, so you guys will be paying not I, I do not chose to use I cloud. Its not as if Apple are short of a few bob is it?

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    Apple is a business, and at some point businesses call it a day and make the desision to stop supporting older models. I have a window in my house with a broken pivot hinge that I can't replace because it's to old, out of date, they don't make it anymore. There are cars on the road that you can't get new parts for, because the company stopped making them. I could go on... You can always try another product, (a non-apple device) but the other company will also at some point stop supporting there device and then you'll be right back where you are now. Here's something that may be of help, have you tried contacting Apple and see if you can trade your iPod 2 in for a newer one or get a discount for a newer model? Have you looked into buying a reconditioned iPod, generally they're at a discounted price? I'm out, good luck.

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    The whole point is to make money.