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    Yep, just bought a brand new iPhone 5S 64GB, brought it home, did a restore from an iTunes backup from my old iPhone 4S, everything looked good, up and running, then try to get it to connect to WiFi and couldnt. Tried the Network Settings Reset, turning the phone on and off countless times, turning WiFi on and off countless times. Messed around with my router a bit, but with TONS of other devices working just fine in my house via WiFi including my iPad Air thats running iOS 7.0.4 I have a hard time believing it has anything to do with my router or its settings.

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    Reading through these comments is really depressing. My iPad v. 7.0.4. worked fine for the last year or more until yesterday. Suddenly it wouldn't work with my router at home, or at work. So, I know it's not the router.

    I performed all the "fixes" mentioned in these articles and none of them works. This is especially unnerving to think that Apple has been so sloppy about something so vital to the iPad and iPhone (i.e., connectivity).

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    sorry for my english don't is my first language. I have the same problem with my iphone 4s IOS 7.0.4,  I followed everything it says on the Internet, network restore, system restore, delete your DSN and password,Changing the APN Settings for your device, heat dryer, put in freezer, everything but nothing, in apple did not solve anything because my iphone 4s has more than a year, I live in Durango Mexico, and send it to support but nothing. I can do.  helps please    the wifi is used wherever it is free. I can not be restored all modems I go.

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    Weirdly, resetting my router did not fix the problem. For a different issue I was having with my security alarm, I reset BOTH the router and the modem, and the iPad suddenly was able to connect.

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    I figured it out for my device! FINALLY!


    I went into my wifi account - like when you set up wifi for the first time and there's no internet, except for the one address to set-up the router. I have a linksys router and one of the Wireless options is Wireless MAC filter. I enabled this and chose Permit Only. I then clicked on Edit MAC filter list. In the new window I could choose Wireless MAC client list. This window had devices that were using my network when my laptop was on (my iPad and iPhone would work if my laptop was using the internet). I had my iPad and laptop on and they popped up on the list. I refreshed the page after turning on my phone and there was my phone on the list too. I checked them all, saved it, closed out of it, and am about to watch some netflix on my iPad after about 2 months of grief!!


    I hope this helps someone else...


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    How do you go to your wi-fi account, Veggiegirl78? I have a SpeedStream.

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    I haven't worked with that router, sorry...


    I read through your manual online and you can go to the website found this on page 10-managing your home network settings. The username and password might be admin and admin (usually this until you change it). The problem is, I don't know what you see after that. After looking at your manual I'm not sure if that router has that function. I imagine that it might be in advanced settings. I couldn't see that part online.


    Sorry I can't help more. I googled your router name and was able to see the user manual for the above info. Good luck!



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    Hi All,\

    Finally my problem is fixed, you now how? well that's simple answer but also very annoying.. i got a new iphone 5 form my work restored my backup and yes all works fine again. so in my situation the wifi was a bit broken in my iphone and not ios 704.


    good luck.

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    I've experienced the same issue since the latest IOS update. Besides all the overall performance deterioration, my Wifi is still not available. I've tried to reconfigure my network settings and also restored the whole system, with no success though.


    I just hope that this extra reply, along with all others, will increase the chances of Apple having a special look for this issue. Follow attached the printscreens.image (1).pngimage.png

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    Same problem with me since april. Here in Brazil, support doesn´t work. Should we sue Apple?

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    Thank you for the effort, Veggiegirl78!!

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    For the info, I tried to replace myself the wifi antenna but it didn't do the trick, so I finally have been to a small smartphone repair shop and for 50€ the guy opened my iPhone, he re-soldered a connection. It took 5 minutes. He provides a 6 month warranty, and my iPhone is working perfectly as before. Far away from the 250€ asked by Apple (to exchange an iPhone that risk to have the same issue when I upgrade my iPhone).

    This doesn't solve the problem of Apple selling iPhones with a manufacturing defect that breaks with bad upgrades (I'm 100% sure it was the case for my iPhone), but it repaired my iPhone for 50€, that's still less than a new one.

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    I was in a small repair shop 1 week ago. They tried to replace the antenna, but it did not help. The faulty part is on motherboard. But they discovered that if the phone is close enough to the 2.4GHz router, the WiFi gets connected. The connection holds even if you take the phone far away from the router. But the data transmission works only in a near distance to the router. It practically needs to lay on the router. That's what I found out for 15€ (diagnostics fee, they did not charge me the spare antenna). Would be great if such a service was provided by directly by Apple in all the countries they sell phones in.

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    got the same ******* problem its driving me mad i got my wifi antenni fixed but makes no diffrence get you **** sorted apple

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    i have phoned apple they told me it would be £200 to fix because theres no real solution so theyd just replace it