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Darrell Mcdonald Level 1 (5 points)

A software update causes Safari to "quit unexpectedly". This has now happened twice in a few weeks. The only succesful repair I have found is to do a complete system restore from Time Machine selecting a time prior to the software update.  The update is presented as "Safari 6.1 for OS X 2013-05 1.0, ... etc" but when I click on "more" it reveals that the update includes 5 items: Safari 6.1, Java for OS X 2013-005 1.0, iTunes 11.1.3, Remote Desktop Client update 3.7.0, and Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 5.1


After each attempted update I have been obliged to use another browser (FireFox) temporarily but Safari is my browser of choice.


Only Safari 6.1 and possibly the Java update are of interest to me but I don't want to go through the agony of another system restore by attempting to do the update a piece at a time.


This whole problem would probably be resolved by installing OS X 10.9 but first I want to clean up a ton of junk that has accumulated from all the way back to TIGER.


Darrell McDonald

  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    If your Mac had Tiger pre installed when you purchased it, it may not be able to run Mavericks.


    Check here > OS X Mavericks: System Requirements


    The next time Safari crashes, copy and paste the entire crash report in your Reply. That should reveal what the problem is.


    Rarely does an upgrade fix a problem with a browser crashing because it's usually due to third party plugins of extensions.

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    Thank you Carolyn,

    My machine is a late 2009 iMac, a replacement for another that had run Tiger. Some of the cruft I am dealing with was migrated over from that time.


    Your reply, however, tells me that the problem is (probably) due to a conflict between the new version of Safari and some plug-in or extension for Safari 6.05 that I am using now. As for sending the "entire crash report" it is my ardent wish never to see one of those again.  The two restore sessions already done have increased the bulk of recent Time Machine data to the point that the earliest I have is less than a month old on an external HD that is much bigger than the internal drive.) 


    I might be willing to risk another update/crash if I could first reduce Safari 6.05 to the plain vanilla state that should update successfully.  Otherwise I will carry on until all the housekeeping is done and then update to Mavericks.  ....


    (Long time out while this site did maintenance)  ....


    I have now found lots of instructions for removing or disabling plugins or extensions.  I tried simply disabling from Safari > preferences > security > (or) extensions and Safari became quite unresponsive to the point that I could not seem to reply to this post.