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Joel Sholtes1 Level 1 (5 points)
This past weekend I listened to my Nano in the car until the battery died on me. I set it aside and tonight I tried recharging it with my laptop.

At first I got the B&W non-animated charging lightning bolt battery symbol. Meaning my battery was very low. That only lasted for a few minutes and then the screen went blank. I reset it and the icon came back, but same result. Now it won't respond to resets, plugging into computer, plugging into ac/adapter, and it won't show up in my itunes or desktop (it never did in the first place since this weekend)

It is just straight up unresponsive. Is it possible to drain the battery so much that it doesn't work anymore? I mean even with an ac/adapter plugged into it?

Now, this nano has only been holding a 4-5 hour charge when fully charged. I bought it new from apple in January. Six months old. I was planning on sending it back. 14-hour life they purport. Now I think replacement is my only option.

ibook g4, Mac OS X (10.3.9)