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I have a TV news studio that wants my movie in mpeg2 format. I can't find this in QT7, 10, imovie,etc....  The export to dvd from finalcutproX has all the right export parameters but comes out as .img file and has .vob  files inside there.  I'm reading about streamclip and using QuickTimeMPEG2  accessory but can't really find this and they say osx 10.8 doesn't need the accessory???  I'm confused... advice please.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 8gig ram
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    OS X 10.8 only has MPEG2 playback ability. Even if you get the MPEG 2 component for MPEG Streamclip it is playback only too. It allows you to export from MPEG 2 , not to it.


    The .IMG file with .VOB are has MPEG2 elementary streams (m2v) and is used for creating playable DVD's.


    What form of MPEG2 does the TV station need? MPEG2 comes in many flavors. Elementary Stream, Program Stream (PS), Transport Stream (TS). Also the video essence of IMX and XDCAMHD are MPEG2, which can be .mov or .mxf.


    Fortunately if you have Apple Compressor 3.5 (not sure about 4.0) it can create all of the above mentioned files. Except IMX and XDCAMHD in MXF wrapper. Although you can use the free XDCAM transfer tool from Sony to create those.


    Sorry to ramble on. Find out exactly what you need as well the audio format, because there's a couple options there too. Maybe they can give you a spec sheet.

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    Also the bitrate they would like too.

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    This is what they ask for:


    Video files must be:


    Windows (not Apple)

    Mpeg 2

    Standard definition

    720 x 480i (interlaced)


    29.97 frames per second

    I don't have compressor and was just demo'ing finalcutpro (imovie generally fits my needs for video) but if these programs get me what I need for my business then I'll get them. Here is what the latest compressor4 says:

    Quickly set up encoding jobs for a broad range of industry-standard formats, including MPEG-2, H.264, and QuickTime

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    Compressor 4 can make MPEG-2. There's some presets with not as many options for tweaking the file that I would prefer.


    Since the spec they supplied does not go in depth you should be okay with the MPEG-2 Program stream setup.


    I would go with the 4:2:2 over the 4:2:0 color setup.


    If you do purchase Compressor 4, make sure to setup Qmaster for multi-core compression. It'll make the compression go quicker.

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    OK thanks... I got compressor and did a test... sent to the tv studio so they can check and see if that did it... will get back later.

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    yes the test worked... it was a trick to find the settings to get interlaced... it says "top first". As far as the Qmaster I tried that and set it to 4 cores (got a new Haswell I7) but I'm not sure if it made any difference- I was watching the activity monitor levels and % processor.


    Also after verifying w/the test I set up 10 files to convert but they had different sources.  I thought there was a batch way to have the same output settings but it seemed I had to go to each job and customize the settings (fps and top first) to get what I needed...

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    As far as setting up qmaster, I suggest you read this article at digital rebellion.


    http://www.digitalrebellion.com/blog/posts/using_compressor_with_multiple_cores. html

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    You can save your Custom Settings via the Save As Button for use in future jobs.