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So for the last week or so my iPhone 5 has decided that it no longer wants to be a phone, and would instead rather be an iPod Touch. Which is wonderful.


I first noticed this problem on Monday, and assumed it was just a 'carrier' problem. My phone frequently, whether I'm in a good or bad area comes up with 'No Service', then switches to searching, then establishes a signal, only to drop it again.

I'm with Orange, also known as Everything Everywhere. I've checked my carrier settings and as of writing I'm currently on EE 15.5. I dunno whether this is the problem or not.


I have spoken with Apple direct, and so far I have tried the following things:


  • Turning the phone off and on again.
  • Resetting the network settings on the phone.
  • Prompting a carrier update.
  • Running a field test, to check for deadspots.
  • A full restore via iTunes. Resyncing with my previous data, though.


Do you have any further suggestions? Because I'm not convinced this is a hardware issue, as I have seen on this and other forums that people have had their phones replaced only for the same thing to happen again. In regards to software, I'm currently running the latest iOS. 7.0.4 I think it is, although the problem started on 7.0.3.


I've had my iPhone 5 since release date, so it's outwith the one year Apple warranty (Apple want £216 to replace). Although from what I can gauge amongst other forums/topics etc, there's a fancy EU law that protects products for 2 years minimum that can be argued with whomever sold me the phone, in this case Orange.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4