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All of a sudden This happens: when I import  my Raw files from my OM-D EM-5 to Aperture 3.5.1 I get the error message "Unsupported image format"! I have not changed anything and this makes my use of Aperture very diffecult! I have to first import the raw files into IPhoto - this works ok and then import the jpeg's into Aperture - I have reinstalled Aperture and this still happens - so now Aperture is allmost useless to me. Please help I work with loads of pics daily and will have to swich to another program if this is the end of Aperture - I have also installed Mavericks and my guess is that the problem lies there :-(


My setup is:



Modelnavn:Mac mini
  Processornavn:Intel Core i7
  Processorhastighed:2,3 GHz
  Antal processorer:1
  Antal kerner i alt:4
  L2-buffer (pr. Core):256 KB
  L3-buffer:6 MB
  Hukommelse:16 GB
  Boot ROM-version:MM61.0106.B03
  SMC-version (system):2.8f0
  Serienummer (system):C07JM12UDWYM




I use a Skærmbillede 2013-11-17 kl. 17.22.38.png

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)