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iPhone 5 froze while uploading newest update (I believe ios 7.4?).  Plugged my phone into computer and clicked to update.  I left the phone to upload for a couple hours and returned to see the black screen with white apple logo, and also see that thin upload bar, which seems to have gone across the phone -- looks like the upload should be finished.  But the phone is frozen.


I can't turn the phone off at all.  Tried holding on/off button down to turn the phone entirely off, but nothing happens.  I tried unplugging from computer and replugging it back into the computer.  Nothing happens.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    Read this article about restoring device from recovery mode.



    good luck

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    im experiencing the same thing with my iphone V, i didnt even try to download the latest iOS and i got frozen while going back to home screen, i can hear the sounds while receiving messages, but cannot turn it off the screen is in black, you think, restoring the iphone from itunes will fix the issue

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    how do u know¿ ...besides that, im updating the kajflajdfl ios 7.4 at itunes, i cannot restore my beauty till this finishes

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    You asked I answered. That is how I know??

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    how tough Phillip, so anyways, i hope it works, but cannot restore it until itunes finishes to download the latest ios 7.4

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    I didn't intend to sound tough. I'm about as peacful person as you would care to find. After all all support on this forum is done as volunteers yeah? You asked how did I know this would fix your problem. Based on my experience and your description gave me assurance of my answer. My apologies for sounding offensive.

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    it is ok phillip, by the way, i didnt even have to restore my iphone, just pressed the home and power bottoms and it worked

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    No, that didn't help.  I went over to the ATT store where I bought the phone.  They showed me how to do a "soft restart".  So now instead of seeing the apple logo on a black screen, I see the round blue logo with the music note in it, with a small font "iTunes" below that.  And below that I see what looks like the electric cable that plugs into the iPhone.


    The folks at ATT said that if I now plug it back into my computer itunes, it should reset my iPhone.  So I just tried it. Nope. The computer makes the sound as if it's recognized the iPhone plug in, but absolutely nothing comes up on my computer screen. 


    They also made an appointment for me at the Apple store, but that's not until Tuesday.


    Any other bright ideas out there?



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    I am experiencing the same problem while downloading to IOS 7.4, my phone froze up on me while upgrading.  There is the round blue logo with music sign in it and iTunes written at the bottom.  Something that looks like the electric cable below the iTunes writing.  Can you please advise how it was reset 6488?

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    have you managed to get it sorted yet matey? mine's done exactly the same and can't get an appt. at the apple store till next tuesday?! x

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    So, like everyone else on here, I was told I should update my iphone 4s to fix a bug that had to do with securities and exactly what happened to you all happened to me. It froze partway through the update. I couldn't turn my phone on/off. Just shows the itunes logo and the plug, telling you to plug it into itunes. When I do so, it tells me itunes senses an iphone in restoration mode, which then the only option I have is to wipe it clean and load new software. Reluctantly I clicked ok. It gets almost all the way down to the end and tells me there's an error and the network timed out!!! I'm so incredibly frustrated at this point. Any suggestions anyone? (and I am not near an apple store).


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    I used different port and it totally worked. i'm now restoring

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    that doesn't seem to make sense if the article was for an iPod not an iPhone