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My Friend has an iPod Classic and is having a couple of issue with it & iTunes 11.1.


1.  He has some songs in his iTunes library that wne you try to play them it skips to the next song.  If there are a couple of these in a row it bypasses all of them & plays the next playable song.  I've never seen anything like this & was wondering what the cause could be.  He imported them from his My Music folder so I believe they were all WMA format to begin with.


He isn't very good with iTunes and is looking to see if his WMA files can somehow be transferred to his iPod with out using iTunes.  I took a look at his Windows Media Player but the iPod doesn't show up as a connected device.  He claims someone else did the transfer for him previously, but doesn't know how.  If I go into Windows Explorer can I just move WMA files into the iPod and they would then play?


Any help appreciated.