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Yesterday, my computer screen randomly went black, then loaded up a white screen with text saying it restarted because of a problem and to press a key to continue booting up. It happened once, no big deal. However, today this problem has happened again, and every time it tried to reboot, it would restart again and again. I eventually had to just manually shut off the computer by holdign the power button and proceed to turn it back on. The computer only works for a short amount of time now before getting stuck in a boot loop.


Any idea why this is happening? I am running OSX Mavericks, by the way.

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    I'm having the same issue. Really starting to annoy me now! Luckily it's quick at starting back up but I'm pretty annoyed that this is occuring as it's an expensive new machine!

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    Kam Banwait,


    I don't know about the original poster, but if your machine is new you should take it to your local Apple Store or AASP and have them diagnose and fix the problem.



  • Kam Banwait Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm planning on doing this .. I've just got to back up all my stuff AGAIN after moving everything across from my old MBP that I've sold. Quite a big pain in the A** but I guess it's going to happen to new machines with new 'parts'

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    Finally got a chance to go to a store and get the machine swapped out. Was working fine for a week and now I'm getting the same issue. I beleive it's an issue with software or the new OS. I'd like to downgrade to M.Lion but I feel that's going to be more hassle than it's woth. Any one had any update on this at all? Here's my crash report too:


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------


    Anonymous UUID:       4D944E51-2052-446A-1ED4-9E838F6759B5


    Fri Dec  6 17:27:29 2013

    panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800e8a4b3a): "VM_PAGE_QUEUES_REMOVE: unmarked page on Q"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-2422.75.4/osfmk/vm/vm_resident.c:2387

    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address

    0xffffff81f7983170 : 0xffffff800e822f69

    0xffffff81f79831f0 : 0xffffff800e8a4b3a

    0xffffff81f7983220 : 0xffffff800e88fbc8

    0xffffff81f79832d0 : 0xffffff800e8954d3

    0xffffff81f7983300 : 0xffffff800e88ec7d

    0xffffff81f7983330 : 0xffffff800e88decc

    0xffffff81f7983370 : 0xffffff800e8af865

    0xffffff81f7983390 : 0xffffff800e818de1

    0xffffff81f79833e0 : 0xffffff800e826db2

    0xffffff81f7983400 : 0xffffff800e826bce

    0xffffff81f7983430 : 0xffffff800e8139b5

    0xffffff81f79834a0 : 0xffffff800e826ed2

    0xffffff81f79834d0 : 0xffffff800e85f031

    0xffffff81f7983510 : 0xffffff800ecb7158

    0xffffff81f7983540 : 0xffffff800ecb11dd

    0xffffff81f79835a0 : 0xffffff7f908dc4ca

    0xffffff81f79835c0 : 0xffffff7f908ddbb6

    0xffffff81f79835e0 : 0xffffff7f90900399

    0xffffff81f7983630 : 0xffffff7f90900302

    0xffffff81f7983650 : 0xffffff7f908f4b2d

    0xffffff81f7983680 : 0xffffff7f90964b77

    0xffffff81f7983850 : 0xffffff7f908f33d2

    0xffffff81f79838a0 : 0xffffff7f908f32e8

    0xffffff81f79838c0 : 0xffffff7f908f48b6

    0xffffff81f79838f0 : 0xffffff7f908e3873

    0xffffff81f7983940 : 0xffffff7f9096152e

    0xffffff81f7983980 : 0xffffff7f9095c079

    0xffffff81f7983a20 : 0xffffff7f908e2ab4

    0xffffff81f7983a50 : 0xffffff7f908e2d6b

    0xffffff81f7983a80 : 0xffffff7f908ee8a8

    0xffffff81f7983ac0 : 0xffffff7f90960d43

    0xffffff81f7983ae0 : 0xffffff7f908e0e85

    0xffffff81f7983b70 : 0xffffff800eccc61a

    0xffffff81f7983b90 : 0xffffff800eccd17e

    0xffffff81f7983bf0 : 0xffffff800eccabcf

    0xffffff81f7983d40 : 0xffffff800e8b6088

    0xffffff81f7983e50 : 0xffffff800e826bb1

    0xffffff81f7983e80 : 0xffffff800e8139b5

    0xffffff81f7983ef0 : 0xffffff800e81e003

    0xffffff81f7983f70 : 0xffffff800e8c92ad

    0xffffff81f7983fb0 : 0xffffff800e8f35e6

          Kernel Extensions in backtrace:

             com.apple.iokit.IOAcceleratorFamily2(98.9)[5D0EFFAC-FCC9-359B-9999-D92D122F3F50 ]@0xffffff7f908db000->0xffffff7f9093ffff

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.8)[D7DDC654-8A3E-33FC-B5ED-E756535EBD4D]@0xffffff 7f8eeb9000

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily(2.4)[C193403C-110B-31D6-857E-5AFDB7868294]@0xf fffff7f8f1f3000

             com.apple.driver.AppleIntelHD5000Graphics(8.2)[47711D33-A72C-31C9-B636-AD99BA4F FC75]@0xffffff7f9094d000->0xffffff7f9099cfff

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOSurface(91)[BC96A900-DD9D-3F36-AFE6-EF88CB4B3607]@0xffffff7f8 fa9f000

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.8)[D7DDC654-8A3E-33FC-B5ED-E756535EBD4D]@0xffffff 7f8eeb9000

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily(2.4)[C193403C-110B-31D6-857E-5AFDB7868294]@0xf fffff7f8f1f3000

                dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOAcceleratorFamily2(98.9)[5D0EFFAC-FCC9-359B-9999-D92D122F3F50 ]@0xffffff7f908db000


    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: firefox


    Mac OS version:



    Kernel version:

    Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.2: Sun Sep 29 19:38:57 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2422.75.4~1/RELEASE_X86_64

    Kernel UUID: C51C3998-66EA-3C1B-A46E-90943DA76DF4

    Kernel slide:     0x000000000e600000

    Kernel text base: 0xffffff800e800000

    System model name: MacBookPro11,3 (Mac-2BD1B31983FE1663)


    System uptime in nanoseconds: 17580951987566

    last loaded kext at 14105618190135: com.apple.driver.AppleUSBCDC          4.2.1b5 (addr 0xffffff7f90ed4000, size 20480)

    last unloaded kext at 14184282925965: com.apple.driver.AppleUSBCDC          4.2.1b5 (addr 0xffffff7f90ed4000, size 16384)

    loaded kexts:

    com.apple.filesystems.afpfs          11.0

    com.apple.nke.asp-tcp          8.0.0

    com.apple.filesystems.smbfs          2.0.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleBluetoothMultitouch          80.14

    com.apple.driver.AppleHWSensor          1.9.5d0

    com.apple.filesystems.autofs          3.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothSerialManager          4.2.1f2

    com.apple.driver.AudioAUUC          1.60

    com.apple.driver.ApplePlatformEnabler          2.0.9d1

    com.apple.driver.AGPM          100.14.14

    com.apple.driver.X86PlatformShim          1.0.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleHDA          2.5.8fc1

    com.apple.driver.AppleUpstreamUserClient          3.5.13

    com.apple.iokit.IOUserEthernet          1.0.0d1

    com.apple.GeForce          8.2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleIntelHD5000Graphics          8.2.0

    com.apple.iokit.BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport          4.2.1f2

    com.apple.Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X          7.0.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltIP          1.0.10

    com.apple.driver.AppleSMCLMU          2.0.4d1

    com.apple.driver.AppleHWAccess          1

    com.apple.driver.AppleLPC          1.7.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleIntelFramebufferAzul          8.2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleCameraInterface          4.20.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleMuxControl          3.4.28

    com.apple.driver.AppleMCCSControl          1.1.12

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCButtons          240.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyboard          240.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBCardReader          3.4.0

    com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless          1.0.0d1

    com.apple.AppleFSCompression.AppleFSCompressionTypeZlib          1.0.0d1

    com.apple.BootCache          35

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBHub          660.4.0

    com.apple.driver.XsanFilter          404

    com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIBlockStorage          2.4.5

    com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort          2.9.5

    com.apple.iokit.AppleBCM5701Ethernet          3.8.0b8

    com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4360          820.21.47

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBXHCI          660.4.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleSmartBatteryManager          161.0.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleACPIButtons          2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleHPET          1.8

    com.apple.driver.AppleRTC          2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleSMBIOS          2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleACPIEC          2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleAPIC          1.7

    com.apple.nke.applicationfirewall          153

    com.apple.security.quarantine          3

    com.apple.security.SecureRemotePassword          1.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleBluetoothHIDKeyboard          170.15

    com.apple.driver.AppleHIDKeyboard          170.15

    com.apple.driver.IOBluetoothHIDDriver          4.2.1f2

    com.apple.driver.AppleMultitouchDriver          245.13

    com.apple.kext.triggers          1.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOSerialFamily          10.0.7

    com.apple.driver.DspFuncLib          2.5.8fc1

    com.apple.vecLib.kext          1.0.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily          1.9.4fc11

    com.apple.kext.OSvKernDSPLib          1.14

    com.apple.nvidia.driver.NVDAGK100Hal          8.2.0

    com.apple.nvidia.driver.NVDAResman          8.2.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOAcceleratorFamily          98.9

    com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothFamily          4.2.1f2

    com.apple.iokit.IOSurface          91

    com.apple.iokit.IOBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport          4.2.1f2

    com.apple.AppleGraphicsDeviceControl          3.4.28

    com.apple.iokit.IOAcceleratorFamily2          98.9

    com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController          2.5.8fc1

    com.apple.iokit.IOHDAFamily          2.5.8fc1

    com.apple.driver.X86PlatformPlugin          1.0.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleSMC          3.1.6d1

    com.apple.driver.IOPlatformPluginFamily          5.7.0d1

    com.apple.driver.AppleGraphicsControl          3.4.28

    com.apple.driver.AppleBacklightExpert          1.0.4

    com.apple.iokit.IONDRVSupport          2.4

    com.apple.driver.AppleSMBusController          1.0.11d1

    com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily          2.4

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBMultitouch          240.9

    com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHIDDriver          660.4.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIBlockCommandsDevice          3.6.5

    com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass          3.6.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily          3.6.5

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBMergeNub          650.4.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleUSBComposite          656.4.1

    com.apple.iokit.IOUSBUserClient          660.4.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltDPInAdapter          3.1.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltDPAdapterFamily          3.1.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltPCIUpAdapter          1.4.3

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltPCIDownAdapter          1.4.3

    com.apple.iokit.IOAHCIFamily          2.6.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOEthernetAVBController          1.0.3b3

    com.apple.driver.AppleThunderboltNHI          1.9.8

    com.apple.iokit.IOThunderboltFamily          3.2.3

    com.apple.iokit.IO80211Family          600.34

    com.apple.driver.mDNSOffloadUserClient          1.0.1b4

    com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily          3.2

    com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily          660.4.2

    com.apple.driver.AppleEFINVRAM          2.0

    com.apple.driver.AppleEFIRuntime          2.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily          2.0.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOSMBusFamily          1.1

    com.apple.security.sandbox          278.10

    com.apple.kext.AppleMatch          1.0.0d1

    com.apple.security.TMSafetyNet          7

    com.apple.driver.AppleKeyStore          2

    com.apple.driver.DiskImages          371.1

    com.apple.iokit.IOStorageFamily          1.9

    com.apple.iokit.IOReportFamily          23

    com.apple.driver.AppleFDEKeyStore          28.30

    com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform          2.0

    com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily          2.8

    com.apple.iokit.IOACPIFamily          1.4

    com.apple.kec.pthread          1

    com.apple.kec.corecrypto          1.0

  • Warmbeat Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you resolve the situation?


    Although i'm not stuck in a crash loop, i'm getting the same kernel panics as you.


    Same here:





  • Kam Banwait Level 1 (0 points)

    To be honest, I've not had any random crashes or reboots for a very long time now.


    I've also not restarted my machine for a lont time either ( a complete shut down/restart ) either.


    "uptime" , in Terminal, tells me my mac has been on for : (time uptime was asked 14:22) up 7 days, 21:42, 2 users, load averages: 1.83 1.60 1.53

  • spw_la Level 1 (0 points)

    The above crash report, as well as most crash reports, list the cause of the report in the line:


    "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: firefox"


    This is the cause if this specific crash and  correlated report but may not be the root cause of the crash, but removing the listed cause and attempting to re-create the crash with the listed cause no longer running or probably best if it isn't even installed any longer on the system.  If the issue persists, when your system crashes refer to the newly created crash report to discover the new culprit and repeat the process until the issue no longer persists or until you reach a system or hardware error, at which point I would recommend contacting AppleSupport, if not before.


    Hope this helps.

  • alberto1967 Level 1 (0 points)

    same problems