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I have an iPhone 5c and when I try to connect my Bluetooth Device, it doesn't work - I tried taking the " out of my iPhone name, doesn't help. My Bluetooth Device does NOT show up in the lisy! Please help me! If you are experiancing theese problems too, hang tight and someone might post a (working) solution

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.0.4, Bluetooth Devices Not Showing Up!
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,877 points)

    What Bluetooth device?

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    Hi, since I upgrated my iPhone 4S to 7.0.4, Bluetooth is not able to detect any devices. I activated others mobile phones Bluetooth but they are not detected. Even using subway, I can't detect devices ... maybe all users deactivted their bluetooth

    I searching solutions for that.

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    Have the same problem as popinter.

    In my case: no bluetooth device, and I really need to connect to both computer and my iZettle via bluetooth.


    I upgraded my old iPhone 4 to 7.0.4 - stopped working, but worked just fine earlier.

    My new 5s don't work at all (came with the latest ios).

    The new ipad mini don't work at all either.

    None of the devices can see or connect to each other, or computer, iZettle or any other via bluetooth.


    Even more odd is that the 5s don't have the airplay button either.