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Hello, I use numbers application on an iMac under 10.6.8, all updates done. The files are written to a intel xserve under 10.6.8. Here's my problem: When i use a file on the server, from time to time, numbers tell me that the connection to the server was lost and I can not save the changes to the server. I only have one solution: to save locally on the iMac and then copy it to the server. It is very frustrating and annoying. Do you have any idea to solve this problem, thank you all and see you soon,

Damien / Geneva

airport extreme et express, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    We've been trying to migrate to pages and numbers for our business and it's just not working. These apps just don't play well with a file server. All sorts of saving errors, duplicate files and autosave garbage gets created on our server.


    All the cloud services are tailored to the consumer and don't make sense in a businsess. And we can't even save the files to a server? We want files centrally located so our team can access them.


    Anyone have suggestions for a working with these apps in a business? These are the only applications we've ran into these issues with.


    So odd. I love these apps, but we have to be able to share files around the office.