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There still seems to be some issues syncing Apple Mail with Gmail.  This was definitely a big issue when Mavericks was first released.  About 3 weeks later Apple released an update to Mavericks, that appeared to fix the problem.  After over a week of testing with the up date installed, it appears that the sync process is still very slow.  In Mail open Activity (Menu->Window->Activity) and observe all the sync processes with Gmail)  At times the sync process goes on for several hours.  Hopefully others will report their experience here.

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    Yes, Gmail messages stilload as slow as molasses, even after the "Fix". Note - this isn't the "load images" function, just the normal ability to view a message when clicking on it. Once in a while they load more quickly, but still slowly, compared to the usual, instantaneous view.


    Gmail loads normally, including images, when using their webmail service (gmail web page). I've reported it to apple, via their feedback page. Hopefully others will as well. IF anyone has a "fix", I'm all ears.

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    This issue has been a recurring problem for me since late October 2013 when I first installed OX 9 Mavericks.  It has continued after installing OSX 9.1.  I have 3 Macs all running OSX 9.1.  The same issues occurs on all my Macs.  My wife and I have 2 iPhones and 2 iPads all running iOS 7.0.4.


    From time to time Mail on OSX devices stops fetching new mail messages.  iOS devices continue to receive new messages.  These new message “Blackouts” last several hours.  They end either by quitting and restarting Mail or by doing nothing.  During the Blackouts the Activity window shows no activity except when sending mail.  Sending mail works normally during the Blackouts.


    1. Mail read on iOS devices is not marked as read on OSX devices.
    2. Mail read on iOS devices is marked as read in Gmail.
    3. Mail moved to Trash on all devices (OSX and iOS) is moved to Trash on Gmail and is moved to the Trash mail/Google mailbox on OSX devices.
    4. Moving messages on an iOS device from the Inbox to another mailbox does not always move the message to the other mailbox on the OSX devices, but does move the message in Gmail (in the case of Gmail, the message has a label with the name of the correct new mailbox).
    5. Mail sent on iOS devices appears in the SENT mailbox on OSX and iOS devices.
    6. Outgoing Mail messages  remain in the DRAFTs mail box after they have been sent.  I have to confirm that they are in the Sent mail box and the delete these draft messages.

    I have an open case with Apple Care on this issue, but would welcome ay input from the Apple Forum.  I beleive that this is an important issue and understand that Apple engineers are working on this issue.