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I've been using Adobe CS6 Suite for the last year without any issues. I've created a few hundread Illustrator files and never once had it crash.


Two weeks ago I upgraded to Mavericks and for a while everything was working fine. Then out of the blue I'm suddenly told that Illustrator CS6 is not supported on this type of Mac??


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.46.23 pm.png


I had just finished working on Illustrator and closed the file and app down when I realised I had one additional change to make. I double clicked on the file in Finder and got the above message. So then I tried clicking on the app icon in the dock, it bounced once and returned the same error message. Thinking it was just a corrupt temp file I restarted the computer. No luck.


Then I tried reinstalling Java (after having to install an update after the mavericks update to get Illustrator to work). Nope.


Then I tried deleteing the preference files from /Users/James/Library/Preferences. Nope.


Next I tried reinstalling the whole CS6 suite. All this got me was a nice little white no entry sign on the dock icon and 1.5GB of application updates to redownload.


Then it was onto a PRAM reset. Still nope.


Finally I hit upon the idea of logging in as a guest user. BINGO! Illustrator worked again.


So it appears to be an Apple issue rather than an Adobe issue. Is there anything anyone can suggest to reset my user account? Or maybe migrate everything appart from the Adobe suite bits to a new user account? I've just about run out of ideas now, please help!





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    Wow! Not a single scrap of advice? Come one folks, I'm in real trouble here. At the moment I'm trying to use illustrator in the Guest account and then switch back for everything else, it's a terrible way to work. Is there no one who know's how to fix this? Or anyone who knows how to migrate all my settings and prefs to a new account without having to reinstall everything???



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    I had the same issue and resolved it


    1. I first remove the prefs folder and the plist files for illustrator in ~/Libary
    2. next I logged off,
    3. then I uninstalled illustrator using the adobe uninstaller(http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems. html)
    4. Next I reinstall illstrator
    5. after that it worked for me.
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    I had a related issue, and stumbled happily on a solution!


    Previously I had a working Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and Illustrator from the CS5 Suite on OS X Mavericks (which had been an update from Mountain Lion, which in turn had been an update from Lion).


    When I did a clean install of OS X Mavericks the other week, and reinstalled Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 from my disks (then ran the Adobe updater and did all that)... anyhow, I was dismayed to find that Illustrator never opened at all on the new OS, always giving the error "it is not supported on this type of Mac."  Photoshop and Bridge were unaffected and opened just as they usually did.


    Amazingly, here's what worked:  open an .ai file from within Bridge, and let Bridge launch Illustrator for the first time for you.  Maybe that's even what I did with Photoshop... I suspect it was!  In any case, voila, now I can open Illustrator just fine (without Bridge running).