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Need help on synching my iPhone to my computer. Get a message saying the operation timed out, and that the device is disconnected, while I know it is on.

Appreciate help. Thanks!

iPhone 4
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    Disconnect it; reconnect it, try again...That doesn't work restart both devices (Make sure the phone isn't connected) and try again

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    I have one more problem, which is my sound. The phone does not ring! Get calls, see it pop up, and calls do well. No sound , though, on incoming, or mails, or messages sent. Tried and tested various options, including the Settings>Sound, and Settings>Music, but no go. Bit of a bummer! Know anything about this?

    Thanks, Meta!

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    Alright so your not getting any sound; have you made sure to check your ring/silent switch above your volume buttons on the left side of your device?


    If your still not getting sound makes ure to check if the sound is universal (All sounds) or only with certain things. If it's only with certain features then we can look into that. If it's with more then we can further test the device itself


    And no problem I don't mind helping