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I can't download itunes producer because itunes connect says it does not have permission to connect. Should I try to delete my who account and all the information and start all over again? Can i download the itunes producer some other way than going through the ibooks publish command?

iBook, iOS 7.0.4
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    Do you have a Free book or Paid book account..... or are you trying to connect with your Apple iTunes Account.


    Publish in iBooks Author looks for iTunes Producer being installed on your machine.

    You need to download it from iTunes Connect > Deliver your Content page. 

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    I'm having the same problem (hi again, Vinny) - I have just set up a Paid book account and am trying to download iTunes Producer but iTunes Connect is giving me an error message when I try to sign in: "Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect".


    Do I have to wait until my Paid book account info is verified maybe? Or should I be able to download iTunes Producer right away (as it suggests when I follow the prompts in iBooks Author).


    Thanks in advance!


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    When you say "just" set up a paid books account...  have you -

    Completed all sections of the Contracts and Banking, including  getting the EIN number?


    Your account will not be active until all that is completed and confirmed by Apple.


    Since I opened my accounts, Apple seemed to  have changed the process - or I have false memory!


    However, as you  do not - yet -  have an active paid book account, you have no real need to have iTunes Producer on your machine.


    My advice is to be patient and hang on till you know  your account is active.

    That said,  I only found out my paid books was active by starting the delivery process using iTunes Producer!!


    When you set the new paid books account,  you did  open a new email address?

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    Thanks again, yes, I need to be patient. I just didn't know there was going to be a wait for the account to be approved (understandable) as iBooks Author doesn't mention that, and suggests that you set up the account and then straight away download iTunes Producer.


    I also thought that the approval process would happen all in one go, once I uploaded my book - didn't expect to be stopped so early in the publishing process. Lesson learned.


    Just found out that applications usually take two business days - so fingers crossed I'll be on my way again soon.


    I did give my US tax ID (EIN) and used my one and only email address which seems fine. The account application didn't ask for my bank details, I guess that's the next step.

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    You need a NEW email address. Your one and only is linked to your Normal - iTunes account  ie the one used to buy apps , books computers!   Speaking only from my  applications.. I  have my iTunes Account,  I have a free books account - which did use my one and only - at the time email address. My Paid book account was required to have a new/different email address - plus the banking and contracts section fully  completed and accepted, including a website ( URL)  address


    You cannot have a Paid books account until your bank details are approved. YES.. even though they are in your iTunes  Acccount.. they are NOT in  your new account.


    Are you in  the UK?  which requires an iBAN number from your bank? or does  your country have any banking condition attached to money coming into your bank  from outside your country... its anti money laundering.



    You will be sent an account activation email after your U.S. Tax ID has been verified. Before you can deliver and sell your books on iBooks, you must accept the contract, provide valid banking details, and provide valid tax information.



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    Thanks for the advice - think I'll wait a couple of days to see what happens next re my application. I completed the application for a Paid Books Account, including website URL, but there were no fields for bank details, and it didn't ask for a new email address. I presume the bank details will be in the next step as there was nowhere to enter them on this application form linked to iBooks Author.


    I've also submitted a query with iBooks Publisher Support and have a follow-up number so will hopefully hear back from them in the next couple of days too. I'm in Australia. Haven't had any problems with payments from overseas coming into my bank account before. Thanks again.

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    An added process you will need to comply with!!   Sorry... but IF  you are an aussie or Perm Resident... ( I,m Pom in NSW) IF you want a paid book account, Apple will require you have an ABN.


    If you had been able to get into  iTunes Connect,  there in the Banking and Contracts, you would have seen different condtion for Australia, Canada and USA.

    From memory, the Aussies are advised the ABN requirement.   Fact is anybody in Aussie can apply for an ABN and never use it.  BUT dormant as it may be, the minute you  make over au$1.00  you need to see a tax advisor as you just became a business!  The good side is... you can claim expences...ie the cost of all your  computers!


    UK as the IBAN requirement - I used it as an example  of  the things you are not seeing having not  gone through the Contracts and Banking requirements.




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    Thanks Vinny - I write for a living and have an ABN. I'll cross the banking info bridge when I come to it, fingers crossed I'll be approved to get into iTunes Connect in the next day or so.